American Honda Motor Co.'s Social Media Guidelines for Associates


The following outlines Honda's basic guidelines as they relate to Honda associates, suppliers, vendors, consultants and individuals employed by a third party and assigned at Honda, who are participating in social media activities related to Honda's brands and business activities. Please read the full policy, as you are responsible for acting within the guidelines.

Honda recognizes that our dedicated associates and business partners are often our best advocates and that your engagement in online conversations may help inform and positively influence the public's perception of the company. When engaging in social networks, industry blogs, forums, wikis and other similar sites, your actions, writing and content are not only a reflection of you, but also of Honda. Remember that you are an ambassador for Honda and all of its brands, so think before you post, and consider that online comments may exist forever.

Guideline Highlights

  • Be transparent — If you have something to say, use your real name. When commenting about something related to our industry, state who you are and your role in the company or on the project. Be clear that you are not an authorized representative speaking on behalf of the company. (See full disclosure/disclaimer obligations.)
  • Be deferential — Do not post or engage with comments and/or "likes" on any official Honda public communication channels unless you are an authorized spokesperson for the company. Only authorized associates or teams communicate on behalf of Honda through the company's sites and properties.
  • Be credible — When electing to share your personal opinions about Honda on "non-Honda" sites, be thoughtful about your comments, how they reflect on Honda's position and your role in the company. Keep your focus on the topic at hand and be credible in your area of expertise.
  • Be vigilant — It is your obligation to protect Honda's confidential or proprietary information including policy, product details, financial records, trade secrets and business plans. Do not share anything publicly that might be considered sensitive in nature.
  • Be considerate — Think before you publish a comment that could be perceived as disrespectful. Never disparage a competitor, customer, supplier, partner, our company or your colleagues. Do not engage in a battle of words or make it personal. If in doubt, do not do it.

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