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Environmental Technology
11/30/2012 6:43:00 PM

Based on its vision of "Blue Skies for our Children," Honda is working to help advance technologies that can help address society's environmental and energy concerns. Honda is taking a comprehensive 'portfolio' approach that involves both advanced powertrain and energy technologies for the near and longer term. Honda's portfolio encompasses more fuel-efficient gasoline-powered vehicles, including the expanded deployment of affordable hybrids and the development of viable alternatives to petroleum, including natural gas, battery electric, plug-in hybrid and hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicles, as well as advanced energy production and distribution technologies such as solar cells, co-generation systems, and more efficient means of producing renewable biofuels.
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Advanced Manufacturing Flexibility In North America
5/17/2012 3:20:00 PM

Honda is celebrating 30 years of manufacturing automobiles in North America, marked by the start of Accord production at the Marysville, Ohio auto plant on November 1, 1982. Going back to the start of motorcycle production in the U.S. in 1979, Honda has steadily grown the scope of its advanced, efficient and flexible and efficient manufacturing capacity in North American. Today, the company is making significant new investments to grow and advance its manufacturing capabilities in the region, including the establishment of the eighth North America auto plant, in Celaya, Mexico, the expansion of production in Alabama and Indiana, and the addition of new capabilities at its Ohio automobile, engine and transmission manufacturing facilities.
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Fuel-Cell Electric Vehicle Technology
5/17/2012 6:01:00 AM

Based on its vision of "Blue Skies for our Children", Honda has worked for more than thirty years at reducing the environmental impact of the automobile, including industry-leading efforts to advance the hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicle (FCEV) – a technology that Honda believes holds the ultimate promise for a clean and sustainable transportation future. As always, Honda has sought to apply its latest technology in real-world settings and to exceed customers' expectations for performance, quality and safety. Honda's original technology has broken through technical barriers for FCEVs including cold-weather start-up, operating range, efficiency, and compact packaging. Uniquely, Honda is also developing technology to answer the "chicken and the egg" dilemma of the deploying hydrogen-powered vehicles and the refueling infrastructure to support them.
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