Honda Rearview Report: July 8 - August 2, 2017

8/2/2017 10:03:00 PM

Few automotive nameplates in history can boast the kind of steady and continuous success of Accord, which has outsold all other cars in America over the past 41 years. But it's not just history. At through the first seven months of 2017:

  • Accord ranks as the #1 retail-selling midsize car
  • Accord is outselling all but two SUVs – and one of those is the Honda CR-V
  • Accord is on track for its sixth consecutive year of U.S. retail sales topping 300,000 units

While some have questioned the strength of the midsize sedan segment, the reality is that while all of the major competitors in the segment are at the end of their product life cycles, midsize sedans still account for more than two million sales annually. And with a whole new generation of sedans now entering the market, there is certain to be even stronger consumer interest in the segment going forward.

Judging by the unprecedented web traffic for our new Accord, it seems that customer interest is indeed quite high. Motor Trend's coverage of the Accord's debut is one of the most widely read stories in the history of the web site! We've heard similar stories from numerous other top-tier publications and consumer sites, suggesting that a whole lot of people are, indeed, very interested in Accord.

The Honda Accord has gained many millions of customers throughout the years and we're confident that this all-new 2018 Accord – the most dramatically styled, sophisticated and fun to drive Accord yet – will again lead the market, create renewed energy for midsize passenger cars and create a whole new generation of happy Honda customers. 

Jeff Conrad
Senior Vice President
Automobile Division
American Honda Motor Co., Inc.