Honda Rearview Report: December 10 - December 16, 2016

12/19/2016 11:58:00 PM

"The holidays are a time to celebrate and give thanks, and Honda has a lot to be thankful for this year – with our customers making this a record year for Honda in both automobile sales and production in America. And this year for the holidays, Honda is expanding our annual Happy Honda Days campaign to share the magic of this time of year in a very special way.

With some pediatric patients not able to experience the holidays at home, we decided to use technology to share some joy with kids at Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC Children's). Honda has created a Candy Cane Lane experience using Oculus headsets that enable children to go on a journey through a virtual winter wonderland, traveling down streets filled with lights, snowmen, music and decorations.

A short video showing the children's experience with Honda's Candy Cane Lane is posted on Honda's social media platforms, and with help from Facebook, for every "like" or "love" it receives on Facebook, Honda will donate $1 to CHOC Children's and the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, up to a total of $100,000: I don't want to spoil the end of the video, but let's just say the smiles that we see on the faces of these children will make everyone's holidays that much more special.

Happy Holidays!"


Susie Rossick
Assistant Vice President, Honda Auto Marketing
American Honda Motor Co., Inc.