Honda Rearview Report: June 15 – July 08, 2016

7/8/2016 2:00:00 PM

"We are thrilled to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Accord this year, the best-selling car in America of the past 40 years. More than just celebrating a major product milestone, we wanted to recognize the role Accord has played in creating lasting relationships with Honda customers that are the foundation of our business and, in a larger sense, how Accord and our decision to build it here, have served to help advance American car culture.

Over nine generations and through continuous improvement and innovation, Accord has consistently set the standard by which virtually all cars in its class are measured, in the process earning the trust of more than 12.7 million American car buyers – more than any other nameplate over the past four decades. Accord has never stood still or rested on its laurels, always advancing to meet the changing needs of customers and society.

Moreover, Accord is an enduring symbol of our longstanding commitment to local production, with more than 10 million Accords made in America over the past 34 years, using domestic and globally sourced parts. So, it was Accord that paved the way for all the new products and plants we've built since.

With the deepest gratitude to our many loyal Honda customers and fans, we are proud to say 'Happy 40th birthday Accord. You're looking better than ever!!'"

Jeff Conrad
Senior Vice President
Honda Automobile Division