Honda Rearview Report: April 16 – April 22, 2016

4/22/2016 3:13:00 PM

"This week's announcement of important new advances in our environmental vehicle and technology strategy marks a significant step forward in Honda's ongoing commitment to address society's growing environmental and energy needs.

The first step is the introduction of the 2017 Accord Hybrid, representing our latest generation of two-motor hybrid technology to America's most popular car, offering absolute benchmark performance and fuel efficiency in the midsize hybrid sedan segment. This will be followed by the step-by-step launch of our Clarity series of electrified vehicles – Clarity Fuel Cell, Clarity Electric and Clarity Plug-In Hybrid – that will offer customers an expanded range of premium, midsize vehicles featuring electrified powertrain technologies.

Our approach at Honda is to think and innovate based not only on what our customers want today, but what we believe they will need in the future, and this includes the pressing need to move away from fossil fuels and curb CO2 emissions that threaten our environment. This is a critical and central challenge of our efforts to advance Honda technology and, in doing so, to create a more sustainable and enjoyable mobility experience for all of society.

We are not alone in this effort, and we applaud the efforts of other automakers seeking to meet this challenge. This is a race that benefits all of us and one that will continue for many decades to come. For now, we are excited about what lies ahead with the new Accord Hybrid and Clarity series of vehicles and the opportunity to share our dreams for a better future."

Steve Center
Vice President, Environmental Business Development Office
American Honda Motor Co., Inc.