Welcome to the Hondanews.com Our Perspective Media Forum

8/7/2009 8:30:56 PM

Kurt Antonius
Assistant Vice President
Honda Public Relations
9:30 AM PT

American Honda welcomes you to the newest addition to Hondanews.com - the Our Perspective media forum. As the name implies, this media forum is where you'll find our views on many topics important to Honda and to our industry with posts from a variety of Honda associates. Look for future postings to include a wide range of discussions on our products, technologies, the environment, safety, and other relevant subjects.

Our goal with this new forum is to expand our dialogue with you the media and to provide context to the news that wouldn't typically appear in a press release or other formal communication. We hope this will provide you with the opportunity to share your own perspectives on happenings at Honda. Only registered media with the ability to download content can make comments, but the entire entry and all comments are viewable by anyone visiting this media Web site.

Another important function of this forum is to provide a convenient resource for all types of on-line communities to reference and potentially begin their own discussions. In the near future, Our Perspective will also be hosted for the general consumer audience on www.honda.com where we will provide convenient links to our social media sites and more. Please feel free to share any comments, questions or concerns. You're more than welcome to use old-fashioned e-mail, or you can post your thoughts here.

- Kurt