Honda Gold Wing Timeline

10/25/2017 12:54:00 AM


  • A team led by Soichiro Irimajiri develops the M1 prototype (also known as Project 371), a flat-six, 1,470cc precursor of the Gold Wing.


  • The first Gold Wing—the 1975 GL1000 KO—makes its public debut at the Cologne Show in Germany. Developed by Toshio Nozue (also responsible for the CB750), the model is dubbed "the ultimate motorcycle" by Honda.


  • Honda offers an LTD version of the GL1000, with special features like LTD badges, gold striping, a chromed radiator shroud, and special seat and wheels.


  • Rider passion quickly emerges as the Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA) is founded in Phoenix.


  • The first edition of the Wing Ding touring rally is held in Phoenix.


  • On June 10, Honda opens its $50 million, 260,000 square-foot USA production facility in Marysville, Ohio, where the following year's Gold Wing would be produced.


  • Honda produces the all-new Gold Wing GL1100. Among the many changes are a longer wheelbase, electronic ignition, increased fuel capacity, and lighter weight.
  • The GL1100's Interstate version features an optional stereo-intercom system with signal-seeking tuning.
  • On May 1, Honda's Marysville Motorcycle Plant produces its first Gold Wing.


  • Hoping to expand the touring experience to a new demographic of riders, Honda offers the GL500 Silver Wing.


  • Honda introduces a luxurious Aspencade version of the GL1100, featuring two-tone paint and all of the updates from the Interstate.


  • The American Gold Wing Association is founded.
  • The GL1100 debuts unified braking and Honda's advanced Torque Reactive Anti-Dive Control braking system (TRAC).


  • Honda produces the all-new GL1200, which has a stiffer frame, repositioned engine, smaller wheels, longer wheelbase and swingarm, and upgraded suspension.


  • Honda commemorates 25 years in America and 10 years of Honda Gold Wing motorcycles with the GL1200L Limited Edition.
  • The naked version of the GL1200 is discontinued.
  • Honda opens an engine plant in Anna, Ohio, where GL engines would eventually be produced.
  • The GL's Limited Edition version enables auto-leveling rear suspension in order to maintain correct ride height regardless of varying load sizes.


  • Dolby noise reduction is added to the Gold Wing's audio system.


  • The Gold Wing Touring Association is founded.


  • The Gold Wing grows two cylinders and is introduced as the all-new flat-six GL1500. Highlights include a smoother transmission, increased fuel capacity, stiffer chassis, improved brakes, and comprehensive fairing.


  • The Pacific Coast, a mid-displacement Gold Wing spinoff featuring automotive-influenced styling, is introduced.


  • Large Project Leader Masanori Aoki moves to the U.S. for three years to learn English and study the Gold Wing culture prior to developing the 2001 GL1800.


  • American Honda publishes The First 20 Years, a book by Vreeke & Associates celebrating the Gold Wing's two-decade anniversary.


  • To recognize the Gold Wing's 20th anniversary, Honda offers three commemorative models.


  • On July 26, the Marysville plant produces its 1 millionth U.S.-built Honda—a Gold Wing.


  • Honda introduces the Valkyrie, a high-performance cruiser based on the GL1500 chassis.


  • Coinciding with the Gold Wing's 25th anniversary, GL engine production is moved from Anna, Ohio, back to Marysville.
  • Whitehorse Press publishes Honda Gold Wing, a book by Darwin Holmstrom


  • Debut of the sensational GL1800. Developed under Masanori Aoki, it brings fuel injection, an aluminum frame, and optional ABS braking to the Gold Wing, and it has 20 patents for technological innovations.
  • Haynes publishes an Ian Falloon-published book that shares the same Honda Gold Wing name as Holmstrom's book.


  • For its 30th anniversary, the Gold Wing gets a special commemorative badge.


  • The Gold Wing gets in-dash GPS, as well as heated seat and handgrips.
  • Honda offers a GL1800 with the world's first motorcycle airbag.


  • XM Satellite Radio is added to the Gold Wing's audio system.


  • No Gold Wing model is produced.


  • The Gold Wing gets a new look, and production moves to Kumamoto, Japan.
  • The Gold Wing's audio system becomes iPod-compatible.


  • Honda releases the F6B, a leaner, lightweight version of the Gold Wing.


  • Honda reintroduces the powerful Valkyrie, the ultimate cruiser.


  • Honda celebrates the Gold Wing's 40th birthday, offering a Gold Wing with three commemorative badges, two-tone paint scheme, an embossed passenger seat, and special ignition key.


  • On October 24, Honda unveils the all-new 2018 Gold Wing and Gold Wing Tour models during a special event at Santa Barbara, California's MOXI Museum of Exploration + Innovation.