HMA Reaches Production Milestone -Odyssey and Pilot Now Being Built at Line 2 Facility

HMA Achieves Two Model Production Flexibility on Single Line

12/1/2004 3:52:00 PM

Associates at Honda Manufacturing of Alabama, LLC (HMA) today reached a production milestone at 2:45 p.m. with the roll out of a 2005 Odyssey minivan and V-6 engine on an assembly line that minutes earlier had been building 2005 model Honda Pilot sport utility vehicles.

This is the first time for Honda's Alabama facility to build two completely different vehicles on the same production line. The 2005-model Odyssey minivan rolled off Honda's Line 2 at the Lincoln Plant to the cheers of nearly 1,500 Honda associates.

"Today, Honda Manufacturing of Alabama has achieved another milestone - the ability to make two completely different vehicles - the four-wheel-drive Honda Pilot SUV and the two-wheel-drive Odyssey minivan - on the same production line," said Chuck Ernst, HMA plant manager. "Once again, our Alabama team has demonstrated their capability and flexibility to produce world-class products to meet Honda's commitment to customer demand."

HMA is the exclusive global production source for the Odyssey and shares production of the Pilot with Honda of Canada Manufacturing in Alliston, Ontario.

HMA's Line 1 assembly line has been building the 2005 model Odyssey since August 13, 2004. The company's Line 2 facility has been building Honda Pilot SUVs since April 27, 2004.

Next year, Honda expects to reach employment of 4,300 associates with a total annual production capacity of 300,000 vehicles and V-6 engines.