2005 Honda FCX with Breakthrough Honda FC Stack

9/1/2004 6:54:00 PM

The 2005 Honda FCX makes its debut with power provided by an all-new, Honda designed and developed fuel cell stack (Honda FC Stack). This second-generation of Honda FCX is the first production fuel cell vehicle capable of starting in temperatures as low as -20oC (-4oF). This new stack also delivers increased horsepower and a longer range than previous generations. Additionally, the Honda stack uses a new innovative structure that reduces by 50 percent the number of components used when compared to a conventional stack.


  • Honda developed fuel cell stack below freezing start capabilities as low as -20oC (-4oF)
    and durable at high temperatures (95oC)
  • Increased range to more than 180 miles
  • Increased horsepower (107 hp)
  • New metal separator structure, reduces stack components by 50 percent
  • New aromatic electrolyte membrane
  • Unique new wheel design
  • New exterior body graphics