2005 Honda CBR600RR Features

9/8/2004 12:10:55 AM

The 2005 CBR600RR incorporates a host of next-generation upgrades that elevate this full-on sport mount to all-new heights.

Features & Benefits
New for 2005

  • Radial-mounted front brake calipers.
  • 41mm inverted front fork.
  • New intake port shape and redesigned exhaust for lighter weight and increased mid-range power.
  • New piston surface treatment for reduced friction.
  • Fuel injection flow increased to match intake and exhaust system changes.
  • Frame and sub-frame redesigned for lighter weight while maintaining superior handling characteristics.
  • New bodywork more closely resembles RC211V and reduces weight.
  • Redesigned top triple-clamp allows for lighter weight.
  • New swingarm assembly redesigned for lighter weight.
  • New two-piece shock design for improved performance and lighter weight.
  • Available in Red/Black, Black/Tribal, Metallic Silver/Black and Black.

Unique features

  • Unit Pro-Link® rear suspension and swingarm design inspired by RC211V.
  • Dual Stage Fuel Injection (DSFI) system features two injectors per cylinder.
  • High-revving engine redlines at 15,000 rpm.
  • RC211V-style center-up exhaust system.
  • Centrally located fuel tank increases mass centralization and allows more compact frame design.
  • Line Beam Headlight features three-piece reflector design.


  • Liquid-cooled DOHC 16-valve 599cc four-stroke inline four-cylinder engine features oversquare bore and stroke of 67mm x 42.5mm.
  • High-revving engine has 15,000-rpm redline (CBR®600F4i redlines at 14,200), wider powerband and more over-rev than CBR600F4i.
  • Compact engine length (236mm) positions the rider forward for more precise handling.
  • Iridium-tip spark plugs improve fuel combustion and performance.
  • Dual Stage Fuel Injection system features two injectors per cylinder--one upper and one lower--controlled by an ECU that senses rpm and throttle opening. Lower injector enhances rideability while upper injector improves top-end horsepower. At lower rpm only the lower injector is working. Above 5500 rpm both injectors are activated. The system uses 40mm throttle bodies.
  • Denso injectors with 12 holes per injector deliver a finely atomized fuel mixture for optimum combustion efficiency and power.
  • Auto enriching system is integrated into PGM-FI module, eliminating the need for a manual choke.
  • Two-stage ram-air system provides a high volume of cool air to the airbox for linear power delivery and incredible engine performance.
  • Cylinder head features angled valve inset to improve airflow.
  • Cylinder head features two springs per intake valve and two springs per exhaust valve for optimum high-rpm valve operation and durability.
  • Direct shim-under-bucket valve actuation ensures high-rpm performance and durability and offers 16,000-mile maintenance intervals.
  • Light pistons, piston pins and nutless connecting rods contribute to higher-revving engine.
  • Pistons receive new moly surface treatment for reduced friction.
  • Double-pivot cam-chain tensioner for cam chain durability.
  • Right-side starter gears for increased lean angle.
  • Lightweight aluminum oil cooler.
  • Smooth-shifting close-ratio six-speed transmission is closely matched to the engine's powerband.


  • Die cast aluminum frame utilizes new manufacturing methods to provide optimum rigidity while reducing weight. Frame is tuned for precise handling characteristics.
  • New 41mm inverted Honda Multi-Action System™ (HMAS™) cartridge front fork features spring preload, rebound and compression damping adjustability for precise action.
  • Unit Pro-Link rear suspension system is patterned after RC211V GP racer. In this system, the upper shock mount is contained within the swingarm rather than the frame. With no top frame-mount for the shock, this unique system reduces negative suspension energy from being transmitted into the frame, allowing optimum frame rigidity and improved rideability out of corners.
  • Braking system features twin four-piston radial mounted front calipers, dual 310mm front discs and a single 220mm rear disc for optimum stopping power.
  • Redesigned center-up exhaust system features four-into-two-into-one design for increased performance, aerodynamics, and lighter weight.
  • Handlebars located below top triple-clamp for precise handling.

Additional Features

  • Industry-leading ergonomic design features maximum rider comfort for minimum fatigue in all riding conditions.
  • Centrally mounted 4.8-gallon fuel tank is positioned low in the frame, increasing mass centralization and allowing a more compact design. This design positions the rider 70mm forward for optimum handling.
  • Plastic tank shell cover protects tank and airbox.
  • Line Beam Headlight features three-piece reflector design (first in the world) utilizing two H7 bulbs for optimum light distribution, and unique compact design.
  • Instrumentation is very compact and features tachometer, speedometer and fuel gauge.
  • Attractive hollow-spoke aluminum alloy wheels feature race spec 3.5 x 17-inch front and 5.5 x 17-inch rear dimensions.
  • One-piece fan assembly for maximum cooling efficiency.
  • Maintenance-free battery.
  • Optional seat cowl.
  • Compact rear cowl storage compartment for U-type locking devices (lock not included) under the passenger seat.
  • Pivoting aerodynamic mirrors.
  • Integrated ignition switch/fork lock for added security.
  • Convenient push-to-cancel turn signal switch.
  • Transferable one-year, unlimited mileage limited warranty; extended coverage available with a Honda Protection Plan.
  • Ownership includes one-year complimentary membership in the Honda Rider's Club of America™ (HRCA®). Benefits include: discounts, travel benefits, roadside assistance, one year complimentary subscription to Honda Red Rider™ magazine, access to HRCA Clubhouse Web site (www.hrca.honda.com), access online to Honda Common Service Manual. For HRCA details, call 1-800-847-HRCA.

Available accessories

  • Color-matched Passenger Seat Cowl.