2005 Acura TSX- Environmental Sensitivity

9/1/2004 8:22:30 PM

One of the engineering goals for the Acura TSX program was to help protect the environment. Appropriately, in engineering and building the TSX, engineers sought various methods to make the vehicle more efficient, cleaner in operation and more completely recyclable.

Some of Acura's specific accomplishments include:

  • Weight reduction

Reducing overall vehicle weight reduces the energy required to power the vehicle. Lightweight components include a magnesium manual transmission case (25-percent weight reduction), aluminum rear suspension knuckle (43-percent weight reduction), aluminum wheels and a lightweight melt-sheet insulator (17-percent weight reduction).

  • Elimination of lead in construction

Efforts were made to eliminate lead use for the TSX, resulting in less than a third of lead content compared to the 1996 industry average.

  • Elimination of (polyvinyl chlorides) PVCs

The use of PVC has been eliminated in manufacture of the urethane-covered instrument panel, inner door weather stripping, door moldings, rear door quarter seal, and shift knob.

  • Use of recycled materials

The TSX uses a higher percentage of recycled materials in its construction. Bumpers are collected and recycled as pellets, then used for molding the aerodynamic under panels and bumper side spacers.