Honda Announces the Most Powerful Portable Inverter Generators to Date

6/15/2004 11:10:00 PM

Honda Power Equipment announces the introduction of the all-new i-Pro® and i-Deluxe® generator models featuring innovative inverter technology for residential and commercial applications. The new generators, in 5000 and 6500-watt models, will be available through Honda Power Equipment dealers by late summer 2004.

"Our compact, lightweight EU series of inverter generators has really resonated with consumers and has been tremendously successful," said Honda Power Equipment vice president, Wade Terry. "Extending inverter technology into higher-output models with the i-Pro® and i-Deluxe® is a first for the industry and is an expression of Honda's continued technological leadership."

The most powerful portable inverter generators to date, the i-Pro® and i-Deluxe® capitalize on all of the advantages that inverter technology delivers over comparable conventional generators, including:

  • a clean, stable sine wave for sensitive electronics;
  • a 33 percent reduction in size and weight, making them smallest-in-class;
  • the EcoThrottle™ load-dependent throttle system for reduced noise and emissions with up to 30 percent increase in fuel economy.

Additionally, the new models are the only generators of their kind to offer 120/240 dual voltage with a selector switch. The Honda i-Pro® generators are ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protected to meet OSHA jobsite regulations and are ideally suited for commercial and construction applications. The i-Deluxe® modules are designed for residential power backup or recreational use and offer automatic choke electric start with remote start capability.

The standard Honda i-Monitor system features an LCD readout capable of displaying generator run time, output, engine speed, and battery voltage through a generator management system computer. It also incorporates a self-diagnostic feature in case of an error such as low oil or overload.

Honda's GX series commercial grade overhead valve (OHV) engines, known for their exceptional ease of starting and fuel efficiency, power both sizes. Honda engineers have incorporated unique sound damping equipment including intake and exhaust "silent" boxes, an engine shroud, and a quieter cooling fan shape with a fan shroud that together result in an overall noise reduction of as much as nine decibels. The effect is enhanced by the EcoThrottle™ that reduces engine operating speed based on load.

Complimenting the new generators' smallest-in-class size, as well as enhancing portability, are unique one-touch folding handlebars that easily pivot downward and out of the way when not in use. A rugged frame and standard large-diameter tires round out the package.

The new i-Pro® and i-Deluxe® generators are characterized by the same legendary durability, quality, and reliability that Honda products are known for.

Editor's Note:

Honda Power Equipment, a division of American Honda Motor Co., Inc., manufactures and markets a complete range of outdoor power equipment, including outboard marine engines, general purpose engines, generators, lawnmowers, pumps, snowblowers, tillers and trimmers for commercial, rental and residential applications. Its comprehensive product line is powered exclusively by environmentally advanced 4-stroke engines.

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