Honda Introduces the All-New GX35 4-Stroke Handheld Engine

8/14/2005 7:11:01 PM

The all-new GX35 mini four-stroke engine will replace the GX31 as Honda's most powerful engine for handheld applications, the company recently announced. The 35.8cc GX35 is based on the same Honda 360-degree-inclinable mini four-stroke technology as the GX25, which debuted in 2002 as the lightest and most compact engine of its kind.

The GX35 has been released to Honda Engine distributors, and will be supplied to other power equipment manufacturers on an OEM basis. "This engine is consistent with the Honda spirit of continuous improvement," said Honda Engines senior manager, Scott Conner. "It's smaller, lighter, and more powerful than the engine it replaces, effectively bridging the weight gap with the two-stroke competition while delivering all the advantages of a four-stroke engine."

Significant performance improvements include:

  • 22% increase in power output;
  • 15% reduction in overall size;
  • 8% weight reduction;
  • 32% improvement in power to weight ratio;
  • 43% improvement in power per cc of displacement.

The new engine's oil-immersed timing belt and overhead-cam (OHC) architecture makes it possible to incorporate the valve train into the oil reservoir. This results in a substantial reduction in size and weight over the GX31, making it comparable to a competitive two-stroke engine in those areas.

Unlike many two-stroke competitors, the GX35 delivers powerful output across a wide range of operating speeds with ample low-speed torque, which means that it does not always need to be operated at wide open throttle. This reduces noise and operator fatigue, while substantially increasing fuel economy and decreasing emissions.

A new accelerator pump-equipped carburetor combined with a lightweight flywheel results in quick throttle response and rapid acceleration, while the use of mechanical decompression results in a substantial decrease in start rope pull weight.

GX35's four-stroke technology uses a unique rotary slinger pumping lubrication system, allowing it to be operated or stored in any position, and providing for low noise and vibration to minimize operator fatigue. The engine's full-cover design also reduces snagging on branches or other objects during operation, but can be removed by loosening a single bolt for ease of maintenance. Additional measures were taken to ensure a low center of gravity for enhanced maneuverability.

Honda is the world's largest producer of engines, selling nearly 20 million annually across its product lines. A world-class reputation for durability, quality, reliability, and ease of operation under the most extreme conditions makes Honda Engines the recognized choice for the construction and rental industries.


Model Name



e-SPEC air-cooled 4-stroke
single-cylinder OHC

Displacement (cm3)


L x W x H (mm)


Outfitted Weight (kg)


Dry Weight (kg)


No. of Cylinders / Bore x Stroke (mm)

1 / 39x30

Maximum Output/Engine Speed


Maximum Torque (N-m[kg-m]/rpm)


Direction of Rotation

(viewed from output shaft side)

Fuel Type

Automotive-grade unleaded gasoline

Fuel Tank Capacity (L)


Fuel Consumption (g/kW-h [g/PS-h])

360 [265]

Oil Reservoir Capacity (L)



Diaphragm type (overflow return)


Transistorized magneto

Spark Plug



Recoil type

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Honda Power Equipment, a division of American Honda Motor Co., Inc., manufactures and markets a complete range of outdoor power equipment, including outboard marine engines, general purpose engines, generators, lawnmowers, pumps, snowblowers, tillers and trimmers for commercial, rental and residential applications. Its comprehensive product line is powered exclusively by environmentally advanced 4-stroke engines.

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