Honda Introduces First New Commercial Mower in 15 Years

9/24/2004 10:21:25 PM

Honda Power Equipment has introduced the all-new HRC commercial mower series. Completely re-engineered from the ground up, the new mowers will once again set the industry standard for durability, quality, and reliability. The HRC Series' legendary mowing performance will, for the first time, be enhanced by offering Honda's exclusive MicroCut(TM) twin-blade mulching technology.

First introduced in the summer of 1989, the existing HRC Series will be replaced by two models: the self-propelled, hydrostatic drive HRC216HXA and push-type HRC216PDA. Both models will debut with the same MSRPs as their comparable predecessors, despite the increased feature content.

"Honda's commercial mowers have become fixtures on landscaping trucks around the country," said Honda Power Equipment vice president, Wade Terry. "With the new HRC Series, we wanted to build on our long-standing reputation for quality, while capitalizing on a variety of new Honda performance technologies. The new mowers are stronger, faster, lighter, more efficient, and an even better value."

Key new features and highlights include:

  • Dome shaped deck design that facilitates both bagging and mulching while delivering finer clipping particles;
  • Offset twin blade MicroCut System (the only 2 blade 21" commercial mower);
  • New Hydrostatic Cruise Control transmission that has been redesigned for increased durability and higher top speed;
  • Stronger handlebars that are now adjustable for height;
  • Front bumper tie down for transport and engine protection;
  • Xenoy wheels with axle protectors.

Commercial Grade Power
The introduction of push model HRC216PDA will mark the U.S. debut of Honda's GSV160 overhead cam (OHC) engine. Aluminum Uniblock construction reduces weight while maintaining durability and longevity through the use of a cast iron cylinder sleeve, ball bearings on the flywheel side of the crankshaft, and a dual-stage air filter with an oiled pre-filter to increase lifespan in dusty environments. This new engine also delivers more power than was available on the previous push model.

The self-propelled Honda HRC216HXA utilizes Honda's legendary GXV160 engine, and puts power to the rear wheels through a robust shaft drive system. A redesigned version of Honda's unique Hydrostatic Cruise Control transmission increases top drive speed from 3.5 to 4 miles per hour. Additionally, the system allows the operator to infinitely vary the drive speed between 0 and 4 mph, and to gradually phase power in and out when maneuvering around obstacles. The engine transfers power to the blades through the RotoStop(R) System, allowing the user to engage or disengage the blades without having to start or stop the engine. This also is convenient for maintaining drive wheel power while crossing beds, driveways, or other obstacles.

Commercial Grade Deck Design
The new Honda HRC Series includes an all-new heavy-duty steel deck featuring unique dome architecture that increases deck strength while reducing weight. An additional engine bed welded to the deck in six places increases mower structural rigidity and durability. The new deck increases the total number of cut height settings to eight, and increases maximum cut height to four inches.

Superior Cutting Performance
The new MicroCut blades compliment the dome under-deck shape to deliver class-leading mulching and bagging performance without compromising one for the other. The MicroCut twin blades create four cutting surfaces, and are offset in an "X" configuration to maximize lift. This results in grass particles being circulated more frequently, and therefore being cut into finer pieces. Finer grass clippings enhance the lawn appearance when mulching, and also mean that particles decompose more quickly. When being bagged, the finer clippings allow the bag to be emptied less frequently, maximizing worker productivity and minimizing the volume of yard waste that must be disposed of.

An added benefit of the new twin blade pattern is that the blades absorb shock better to minimize damage to the crankshaft upon impact with a hard object.

Honda is the world's preeminent engine maker, selling more than 19 million engines annually throughout the world, and Honda mowers are characterized by the same clean, quiet, fuel-efficient technology that is behind its reputation for unparalleled durability, quality, and reliability.