2004 Honda S2000 -- Body

10/1/2003 3:36:37 PM


The S2000 is an open-topped, two-seat roadster, designed for enthusiast drivers. The S2000 uses steel body construction with the exception of the hood, which is aluminum. The S2000 body and interior also incorporate class-leading safety, quality and comfort features.

New for 2004

A freshened exterior appearance gives the 2004 S2000 a more powerful appearance through a wider opening air intake for a pronounced and bold look. The rear exterior has a wider, more horizontal stance with a lower height. New oval, large diameter, exhaust tips accent a powerful presence. Larger wheels and tires (17-inch) add to the aggressive demeanor of the S2000. Headlights and taillights have been reconfigured with triple beam designs (instead of dual beam designs) that enhance an already-sophisticated appearance.

Honda S2000 Body Features

  • Electrically powered soft top
  • Cockpit air deflector
  • Integrated roll bars
  • High-intensity discharge (HID) projector-type headlights
  • Lightweight 17-inch alloy wheels
  • Body-colored dual power mirrors
  • Dual exhaust
  • Impact-absorbing, 5-mph, body-colored bumpers

2004 Exterior Changes

The exterior has the following changes for 2004:

  • Front bumper design improves aerodynamic performance and uses a wide open air intake
  • Rear bumper design is lower to the ground and is accented by large-diameter dual oval exhaust tips
  • Triple Beam projector headlight design replaces dual beam headlight reflector headlight design.
  • Triple lamp LED taillight design replaces a traditional dual lamp setup.
  • Larger wheels and tires (17-inch) provide a more aggressive appearance while adding to overall performance
  • Spiral double horn replaces flat double horn








5% improvement in Cd from new front bumper design

Body Rigidity



Rigidity increased

Front Bumper



New bumper and new triple-beam headlight design

Rear Bumper



New bumper, triple beam LED taillights and oval exhaust tip

Weight (lbs.)



+24, attributable to new wheels and body rigidity increase

Exterior Dimensions
L x W x H (inches)

162.2 x 68.9 x 50.0

162.2 x 68.9 x 50.0


Honda S2000 Exterior Dimensions
















Track, Front:



Track, Rear:






Curb Weight:



Weight Distribution (%, Front/Rear)


Exterior Styling and Design

The S2000's styling is distinctive and presents a modern, dynamic look. Its long hood and wide front end create a visual impression of lowness and mass. The hoodline drops away to a low, strong nose shaped for minimal aerodynamic drag and good forward visibility.

The S2000's clear-lens, triple beam headlights and exterior line sweep back from the leading edge of the fenders. The lamps are a high-intensity discharge (HID) projector type that cast a powerful, broad beam. Side reflectors, parking and directional lights are combined in the same units.

Circular internal projectors house the low beam (HID), parking light and front turn lamp. The high beam is a traditional reflector design.

The taillight design follows a similar triple beam theme with large, round multi-LED taillights set in clear-lens housings. LED lights are used on the stop lamps and parking lamps and side marker lamps. The reverse indicators and turn signal indicators are circular and use traditional incandescent lighting. The squarish side marker lamp uses two LED lights.

A small spoiler lip with an LED stoplight is integrated into the trailing edge of the trunk lid. Dual, chromed oval exhaust tips visually dominate the rear view of the car. The outside mirrors and door handles are body-colored. The S2000 badge on the front fender and Honda badges on the hood and trunk are the only identifying marks on the car.

In profile, the S2000 looks taut and aggressive. Its broad sides visually convey strength and mass. The gap between the outer sidewalls and the outer edges of the fenderwells has been minimized, giving the car a wide and stable look.

The main character line of the car rises from the headlights, along the top of the fender and the top of the door, to the high rear deck, for an aggressive, raked look. Sculpted lower side sills further enhance the car's angular appearance, and serve to draw the eye to the S2000's large, flared wheelwells and high-performance wheels and tires. The 17-inch aluminum-alloy wheels are an open, twin 5-spoke pattern that calls attention to the S2000's large brake discs and calipers.

The S2000's trunk volume is 5.0 cubic feet. A space-saver spare tire is stored on a shelf, separated from the rest of the trunk by the carpeted trunk liner. Fuel-tank capacity is 13.2 gallons.

Convertible Top

The S2000 features a power-operated, soft convertible top with a rear glass window. Pushing the switch on the center console opens or closes the top in about six seconds, and two manually operated latches at the top of the windshield hold it securely. When folded, the top stows compactly behind the cockpit. A soft boot cover snaps in place to protect the top. The rear glass window features a defogger.

Accessory Hardtop

A hardtop for the Honda S2000 is available as a genuine Honda Accessory. Constructed of lightweight aluminum, the hardtop includes a large glass rear window with a defogger and a simple attachment process. The top provides both reduced interior noise and an aggressive new look. Available in all factory S2000 colors, the top uses the same manufacturing and painting processes as used on the S2000 factory line to insure the highest quality and factory-look finish possible. The hardtop weighs 44 lbs. and can be removed by the customer.

Roll Bars and Air Deflector

The S2000's roll bars combine with the car's reinforced windshield frame to help form a protective area for the driver's and passenger's heads in the event of a rollover. A clear acrylic panel is located between the driver's and passenger's roll bars and acts as a wind deflector to help reduce cockpit turbulence.

NVH Features

Measures employed on the S2000 to minimize and control NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) include vibration-absorbing engine mounts and suspension bushings, resonance-damping chambers in the intake and exhaust systems and soundproof materials applied to the floor, floor tunnel and trunk.

Exterior Colors

The 2004 S2000 features the following colors:

Exterior Color

Interior Trim

Grand Prix White

Light Tan

New Formula Red


Sebring Silver Metallic

Black or Black and Red

Silverstone Metallic

Black or Black and Red

Berlina Black


Rio Yellow Pearl


Suzuka Blue Pearl