2003 Honda Accord -- Interior - Part 2

7/29/2002 2:07:55 PM

Good To See You
The Accord's new instrument system uses progressive illumination to establish a "dialog" with the driver. When the door is opened, the instrument brightness clicks on at 10 percent - a "welcome" of sorts for the driver. When the key is put in the ignition, the illumination ramps up to 100 percent in one second - warming up for the drive ahead. When the ignition is turned on, the illuminated instrument needles and annunciator lights come on, indicating all systems are go.

After the drive, the process reverses itself. When the ignition is turned off, the instrument lights dim to 10 percent brightness over the course of one second. When the key is taken out of the ignition, the lights dim to zero in one second. The entire process is purposely subtle, but illustrates the level of detailed engineering built into the Accord's interior.

Available Dual-Zone Climate Control
Standard in leather-equipped 4-cylinder EX models and all EX V6 models is a dual-zone climate control system. Easy-to-use rotary temperature knobs are positioned within easy reach of each front seat occupant. The selected temperature for each side appears in the central audio/climate control display (non Navi versions) or in a separate display above the Navi screen.

One-Touch MAX A/C
In Accords with manual climate control systems (all DX and LX versions and four-cylinder EX models without leather seating) a new one-touch "MAX A/C" button makes it easy to cool the interior quickly, without having to manually select "A/C" and recirculate.

Expanded Interior Storage
A new sliding armrest, which adjusts fore and aft to suit different sized drivers and front seat passengers, highlights the expanded list of interior storage choices. Even when extended forward its full 80mm, the armrest still provides enough clearance for the cupholder to accommodate a large-size beverage cup. Inside, the console has coin storage and includes hooks for a cell phone cord to prevent it from being caught when the lid is closed. With the integration of audio, climate controls and optional Honda Navigation System into a single unit, additional storage has been created. Up to 12 CDs can be stored in the lidded compartment immediately below the audio/HVAC/NAVI unit. Even the size of the overhead sunglass holder has been increased.

Integrated Switch Controls
For enhanced styling and functionality, the cruise control switches (LX and EX models) and audio controls (EX models) are now an integral part of the steering wheel design instead of the previous style module attached to the side of the wheel.

Special care was taken to insure that all switches used throughout the Accord cabin have a uniform quality and tactile feel. Switches on the instrument panel and door panels have complimentary force levels and strokes.

Enhanced Remote Entry System Capability
The new keyless entry system offers features more commonly found on more expensive vehicles. Functions formerly relegated to a remote entry key fob have been expanded and are now integrated into the head of the Accord's new high security "wave" ignition key itself. All the windows can be opened remotely, along with the usual door unlocking functions. With a new FM superheterodyne signal, the remote has improved resistance to interference and is more resistant to interference from strong electrical fields such as pager bases or aviation communications.

The new remote is also simple to use. A single push of the "unlock" button unlocks the driver's door. A second push unlocks all the doors. Push the unlock button down again for more than one second continuously, and all the power windows begin to lower, an added feature for '03 that is particularly useful for hot, sunny days. Release the button, and the windows stop. Similar functions can be accomplished with the ignition key inserted in the door lock. Like previous models, turn the key to the unlock position once and the driver's door unlocks.

Return it to the normal position and then back to the unlock position and all the doors unlock. In addition for '03, hold the key in the unlock position for more than one second and the windows start to open, until you return the key to the normal position.

The key can also close the windows while in the driver's door lock. A single turn to the locked position will again lock all the doors. For '03, a return to the normal position followed by a turn to the lock position closes the windows. Any time the key is returned to the normal position, the windows stop.

Interior Demonstrates Improved Fit And Finish
Many small touches help to raise the Accord's interior ambience to a new level. Gaps and overlapping trim have been reduced or in some cases eliminated entirely. Small things like hidden screws in the sun visor stays, flush-mounted interior light, spring-loaded self stowing grab handles and a flat trunk floor all illustrate the Accord's heightened attention to detail.

Cargo Utility
Both the Accord Sedan and Coupe have about the same the same trunk space as the models they replace. Close attention to the shape of the trunk and its access allow both cars to handle the same size and quantity of cargo items as their predecessors. A lower lift-over design for the Coupe eases loading and unloading.

Trim & Color Combinations
EX models are available with three different interior trim color combinations. Cars with black or gray interiors have brushed aluminum look accents on the center console and door armrests. Cars with light ivory interiors have wood grain style accents inspired by light Mapa Burl veneer.

Accord Entertainment/Navigation Systems

Upgraded Audio Systems
The Accord features three different audio systems to suit differing buyers and price points. DX and LX models have AM/FM/CD head units with 120 watts of power. DX model have two speakers while LX models have six speakers. Compared to the previous Accord, the front speakers are upgraded with Neodymium speaker magnets and polypropylene cones, and the tweeters have been improved for frequency response.

Five-point parametric equalization helps tune each system's frequency response to the unique acoustic properties of the Accord's interior to deliver fuller, more accurate sound quality. Relative to the previous generation Accord, the new system advances sound quality on all fronts, most notably in the high and mid frequencies.

EX models adds an in-dash 6 CD changer to the AM/FM system in place of the single CD unit, along with Neodymium magnet/polypropylene cone 6 x 9 inch rear speakers for reduced distortion with superior accuracy and increased bass power and clarity.

For the ultimate in sound performance, the Accord V6 Coupe with 6-speed manual transmission is equipped with a special Premium Audio System as standard. This system starts with the AM/FM/6-disc, in-dash CD changer, then adds an accurate MOSFET amplifier that kicks out 180 watts of power. Twin-Neodymium speakers with polypropylene cone woofers and soft dome tweeters are used up front, with twin 6 x 9 Twin-Neodymium polypropylene cones are in back.

All the Accord systems feature 2-band compression that improves the sound quality at low volume settings. Since some audio system frequencies are masked by vehicle noise, this digital sound compression boosts select frequencies and reduces others. The result is clearer, more balanced audio at low listening levels.

Interior Accessories
A variety of factory engineered accessories are available for the '03 Accord. A MP3/Windows Media Player can be installed in place of the standard storage bin beneath the audio/HVAC unit. A DVD Rear Entertainment System can also be installed. The DVD player for this system mounts below the standard audio system and the audio plays over the Accord's standard sound system or through a set of cordless IR headphones. The 7-inch (diagonal) TFT screen is mounted to the headliner, just behind the front seats, for use by rear seat passengers. A cordless remote control lets back seat passengers control program material. A hands-free cellular telephone system is also offered as an accessory.

"Touch by Voice" Honda Satellite-Linked DVD Navigation SystemThe "Touch by Voice" Honda Navigation Systems, a new generation of Honda navigation systems, debuts on the 2003 Accord with new features and greatly enhanced capabilities. New features include a newly-developed voice recognition system, a larger touch screen display, and an expanded database that covers virtually all U.S. roads and 7 million points of interest (compared to one million for most systems currently on the market).

Honda navigation systems have long been recognized for their simple, intuitive operation and extensive on-board database. Now available on 4-cylinder EX models equipped with leather and on all V6 EX models, this is the first time the Honda Navigation System has been offered on any Accord.

A new split screen design enhances on-screen information with a "map view" and "3-D" route visualization of freeways simultaneously-a major step forward in making navigation information easier to understand. The system is integrated into the car's audio system, so driving instructions can be heard over the speaker system, and the voice recognition feature adds a new realm of control to the navigation system.

The Accord's Honda Satellite-Linked DVD Navigation System uses Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) in combination with detailed information from the vehicle's DVD-based mapping system to pinpoint the vehicle's location and to provide a host of useful mapping and route guidance features. The antenna can utilize up to 12 satellites from a network of 24 global positioning satellites. If the antenna is obstructed by a tunnel, a parking garage or a tall building, an internal gyroscopic system and a speed sensor track the location of the vehicle so that the map information remains current and reliable.

Honda Satellite-Linked DVD Navigation System Features Summary
New features and significant advancements include (when compared to the 2002 Honda Odyssey's navigation system):

  • 7-inch screen (1-inch larger);
  • Faster route calculation and search speed (up to 3 times faster);
  • Touch by Voice human voice recognition system minimizes need for keyboard entry (new feature);
  • A more comprehensive destination guide with seven million points of interest (previously 3.7 million). As before, it provides a business and recreation directory of virtually the entire continental United States complete with local addresses and business phone numbers. Categories include restaurants (searchable by type of cuisine), lodging, shopping, airports, hospitals, recreation areas and much more;
  • 3-D turn-by-turn graphics for freeways (previously 2-D);
  • Enhanced split screen mode for additional route information (new feature);
  • Touch by Voice linked to audio and HVAC systems (new feature);
  • Day/Night visualization modes with user-selectable screen appearance; and
  • Enhanced menus and improved surface street mapping (new layout).

Additional general features include:

  • Turn by turn voice guidance in either male or female voice (and can be turned off at any time);
  • Destination memory recalls current trip addresses and previous destinations; and
  • Trip Computer, calendar and calculator with English to metric number converter.

Voice Recognition and Navigation System Controls
The navigation system can be controlled by the driver through either the voice recognition system called Touch by Voice, the touch screen display, or by the joystick on the instrument panel. The voice recognition system works when the "talk" button, located on the steering wheel, is depressed. When spoken to, the system recognizes commands such as "find nearest gas station," "find nearest ATM," or "find nearest Italian restaurant."

The Touch by Voice system is powered by IBM's Embedded Via Voice technology and uses software developed jointly by IBM and Honda R&D. It has a vocabulary of approximately 150 commands and can recognize virtually any English-spoken accent.

The 7-inch LCD display is a touch screen that allows the driver or passenger to choose menu options or spell out a word (i.e. address, business name, place, etc.) through a touch-sensitive keypad. (The keypad can be set to alphabetical or a common typewriter style layout.) Alternatively, the joystick can be used to highlight menu options or to highlight specific letters on the keypad to complete a word. A matte finish is used on the display to reduce glare and smudging.

For data storage, the system uses a single DVD that contains information for the entire United States. Navigation systems from some manufacturers require multiple CDs (CDs hold much less data than a DVD) and must be changed depending on the region of the country. Future updates to the navigation system can be made by installing an updated DVD (available on-line or by calling a toll free number.)

Interior Safety Feature Overview
The new generation Accord has the most comprehensive array of safety features ever assembled in a Honda vehicle. In addition to the technologies built into the Accord's unibody to attenuate crash energy and protect the car's occupants, (See the "Body" Tab), the interior features top-of-the-class safety measures.

The Accord has three-point seat belts at all five seating positions. The front seatbelts are equipped with load-limiters and pre-tensioners. Rear seats are equipped with a child seat restraint LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) system. New front seat headrest positioning enhances performance in low-speed rear-end collisions.

Outboard rear headrests are standard on all models. Key areas of the interior are also equipped with impact absorption pads to reduce impact severity to the vehicle's occupants.

See the "Body" Tab for detailed information on the Accord's structural safety features.

For frontal impact protection, both the driver and front seat passenger have dual-stage Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) airbags. Driver's and front passenger's side airbags are now standard on EX 4-cylinder models and all V6 models, and available on LX 4-cylinder models.

Front Seat Side Airbags with Passenger-Side Position Sensor
The Accord's front passenger seat is equipped with an innovative system designed to prevent injury to a small child or small-statured adult by preventing side air bag deployment if they lean into the side air bag deployment path. Seven sensors in the passenger seatback determine the height and position of the occupant to assist the system in determining if it is safe to deploy the side air bag.

If the passenger is in the deployment path of the side air bag, the system will prevent the side air bag from inflating. When the passenger returns to an upright seating position, the side air bag will reactivate so it can deploy and protect the passenger in a side impact.

Available Side Curtain Airbag System
EX models with the V6 engine come standard with side curtain airbags that cover the front and rear side windows on both sides of the vehicle in the event of a side-impact crash. The system reduces the impact of the secondary crash between the passenger's head and objects outside the vehicle caused by the primary impact. Working in concert with the Accord's standard front airbags and front seat side-impact airbags, the side curtain airbag system offers a new level of protection.

The side curtain airbag module is positioned in a small compartment along the side of the roofline. For the sedan, ach side of the vehicle has two sensors mounted near the side sill that trigger the side curtain air bag. Due to structural differences, only one sensor per side is required for the coupe with side curtain air bag.

When a sensor detects an impact from the side, a gas generator installed at the rear pillar inflates the bag fully in about 20 milliseconds to create a cushioning layer for the driver and passenger. A new type of inflator is responsible for this exceptionally quick deployment time. Compared to conventional airbags, the Accord system also uses a lower internal bag pressure and a longer bag stroke to reduce the g load on occupants in a side collision. To accommodate the operation of the roof side airbags, cars so equipped come with sliding-type sun visors that track inward in the event of a side collision.

Containment Is Key
Side impacts are a challenge for safety engineers. Large areas of glass can't provide reliable passenger containment, and offer only limited energy absorption properties. Keeping the passengers (and their head and arms) in the vehicle and cushioning their impact with objects outside the vehicle is the purpose behind the Accord's available side curtain airbag system. By shrouding the side window area of the car, the Accord's side curtain airbag system offers one of the largest protection areas currently available among inflatable restraints. Additionally, the protection extends fully into the rear seat area, unlike tube-type bags or front seat head and chest integrated bags.

Anti-Theft Features
The new Accord is protected by a variety of anti-theft features. All models now feature the "wave" key for door, ignition and trunk locks. This type of lock is much more resistant to "picking" than conventional designs. Door and hood locks and their operating cables are now more thoroughly protected to prevent a "Slim Jim" or other jimmying device from being used to force entry. The engine immobilizer system used on previous generation Accords to shut down the engine's electronic control unit (ECU) has been further enhanced with the addition of a rolling code.