Honda Generators Background Information

9/22/2004 7:42:46 PM

Honda Power Equipment markets a complete line of generators for commercial and consumer applications. Lightweight, compact Honda generators produce between 1,000 and 10,500 watts of power, providing smooth, clean power for recreation, construction, rental, and emergency use.

All Honda generators are powered by advanced Honda four-stroke engines that make Honda generators among the world's quietest. Honda generators for typical residential use average 64-68 decibels (db), with the Super Quiet series operating at noise levels as low as 49 db, roughly the noise level in a private office.

Product Line
Honda produces 26 models in five generator lines:

Primary Uses
Power Range
Home & Commercial
2500W - 5000W
Home Standby & Specialty Applications
3000W - 6500W
Construction & Rental
3000W - 10500W
Super Quiet
Recreation; Movie Sets; Photo Shoots; Special Needs
3000W - 4500W
RV Generators
Heavy-Duty Recreation
4000W - 6000W

Inverter Technology
Computers and power-sensitive testing equipment require "clean power" -consistent electrical current that has a stable sine wave or signal. A computer without clean power would likely either freeze, shut down, or be interrupted.

To overcome this problem, Honda engineers developed a revolutionary form of inverter technology. This process takes the raw power produced by the generator and passes it through a special microprocessor that provides ultra-clean power with a sine wave equal to or better than AC current from a standard household wall outlet.

The development of inverter technology also has allowed Honda to substantially reduce weight and noise. By eliminating the standard alternator, Honda's new inverter models weigh 50 percent less and are 1/3 smaller in size than traditional generators. The Eco Throttle(TM) feature allows the generator to conserve fuel by varying engine RPM to produce only the power required to operate the equipment, improving fuel economy up to 40 percent.

Honda's innovative inverter technology now is available on seven models. The all-new i-Pro generator line for commercial applications and the i-Deluxe generator models for residential and outdoor applications are the largest, most powerful portable generators on the market today that feature inverter technology. Both lines capitalize on all of the advantages that inverter technology delivers over comparable conventional generators, including a clean, stable sine wave for sensitive electronics and a 33 percent reduction in size and weight, making both series the smallest-in class. In addition, i-Pro and i-Deluxe models are the only generators of their kind to offer 120/240 dual voltage with a selector switch. The EU1000iA2 and EU2000i are portable, lightweight (28.6 and 46.3 lbs., respectively) generators designed to provide ecologically responsible power while the user is "roughing it" anywhere in the world. These units both feature a two-tiered noise dampening system that reduces noise to 57 db (quieter than normal speech) and 59 db, respectively, at their rated loads.

"These generators truly represent the future of portable power," said Steve Bailey, Honda Power Equipment assistant vice president.

For the ultimate in quiet power with less portability, Honda offers the EU3000is in its Super Quiet line. This model, weighing 134 pounds, produces 2,800W of continuous power at a quiet 58 db, roughly the same as normal speech. Honda also offers two other units in the Super Quiet line, with power output up to 5,500W and noise levels no higher than 65 db.

Honda CycloConverter(TM) Technology
Honda's CycloConverter(TM) generator models offer power that is equal in quality to automatic voltage regulator (AVR) generators but dramatically lighter in weight than other units producing the same amount of power. This lighter weight is achieved by reducing the number of traditional parts with a central processing unit (CPU) that conditions the raw power produced by the generator and eliminates the need for a bulky alternator. Honda CycloConverter(TM) technology offers the best pound-per-watt ratio available anywhere.

This technology is ideal for applications that need a lightweight generator but not the ultra-clean power required by high tech devices. It is used on Honda's EB3000c model, which is intended for commercial and home uses, and for residential standby power.

Advanced Power Solutions for Commercial and Rental Applications
The EB3000c, which features CycloConverter(TM) technology, is typical of Honda's offerings for this market. Weighing only 68.4 lbs, it produces 2,600W of continuous power and will run for 9.3 hours at _ load on a single tank of fuel. In addition to AC power from the CycloConverter(TM), this unit offers 12V DC at 12 amperes (A) (or 144W) for automotive-type battery charging.

The EB3000c, like all Honda generators, is powered by an advanced four-stroke engine - in this case the Honda GX200 overhead valve (OHV) commercial grade unit producing 6.5 horsepower of quiet (68 db) environmentally advanced power. Honda manufactures nine industrial generators, ranging from the EB3000c to the EB12D, which is powered by a 20 hp Honda four-stroke diesel that runs for nine hours on a single tank of fuel. Many Honda industrial generators are housed in tubular steel frames to minimize damage from transport or use.

Within Honda's industrial generators category are five Honda EB series models, powered by Honda's GX series commercial grade OHV engines, and available in 3,800, 5,000, and 6,500-watt sizes. The EB3800, EB5000, EB5000i, EB6500, and EB7000i generators also are ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protected to meet OSHA jobsite regulations and offer longer run times, additional outlets for convenient use, and stronger, more durable frames. The EB5000i and the EB7000i - the newly introduced i-Pro models - feature inverter technology and are among the largest, most powerful portable generators on the market today.

Other Residential and Commercial Lines
In addition to its Industrial and Super Quiet models, Honda also manufactures four economy and six deluxe units. Even the most basic Economy models feature the Honda advanced four-stroke overhead cam (OHC) or OHV engines, and the Honda Oil Alert(TM) safety system that shuts off the engine if oil levels become dangerously low. Like all Honda generators, they are equipped with circuit breakers for operator and equipment protection and USDA-qualified spark arrestor/mufflers for fire prevention.

Honda Deluxe generators are powered by the legendary commercial-grade OHV engines. Like the industrial units, they are housed in tubular steel frames. They all offer AVR to protect the generator and electric tools from damaging power surges. Honda's Deluxe generators, with run times of up to 15 hours and noise levels of just 68-72 db, are well suited for home standby power applications.

Designed to enhance Honda's already strong value proposition is the recent introduction of the new EM Deluxe generator model series. The EM3800, EM5000, and EM6500 models, available in 3,800, 5,000, and 6,500-watt sizes, are ideal for home standby use and feature electric start, remote start capability, and exceptionally long run times on one tank of fuel. Also of important note are the all-new i-Deluxe models - the EM5000is and the EM7000is - that feature inverter technology and electric start capability.