2002 Honda Civic Si -- Interior

10/26/2001 5:03:29 PM

From its aggressively bolstered sport seats to its thick, three-spoke steering wheel to its black-on-white analog gauges and silver interior accents, the Civic Si cabin says performance.

At the same time, the Si's interior is equal to the challenge of day-to-day driving tasks--from transporting friends to the beach to carrying a week's worth of groceries or, with the rear 60/40 split seats folded flat, a full complement of luggage or two large golf bags.

The interior of the Civic Si is also refined. All the various elements are crafted of quality materials and smoothly integrated, with exceptionally tight fit tolerances between adjoining panels.

A Sporty and Comfortable Cabin
The Civic Si may be geared toward young driving enthusiasts, but it's as carefully refined as many more sedate luxury cars. Among the Si's myriad thoughtful features:

  • Large, easy-to-read black-on-white analog gauges
  • Large driver's side footrest
  • Comfortable and support sport seats with integrated head restraints
  • Thick three-spoke and height adjustable steering wheel
  • Retracting grab handles with damping mechanism
  • Illuminated switches for easier nighttime use
  • Cupholders sized large enough to accommodate 20-oz. plastic bottles
  • Heat-absorbing glass for improved air-conditioning effectiveness and reduced sun soaking
  • Concealed sunvisor stay screws; concealed striker screws in the door openings
  • Flush-fitting overhead cabin light
  • Extremely small gaps between interior panels

Interior Roominess
Though its exterior dimensions say "compact," inside the Civic Si is roomy and inviting. One way the engineers accomplished this was to integrate a unique flat floor design, which creates additional back seat foot room and allows for a large, convenient center console between front seats. An exceptionally thin moonroof and a flush-mounted interior light help to improve headroom for all passengers. The 60 mm increase in the height of the hatchback model helps provide a 25 mm increase in headroom and allows the hip points of all seating positions to be raised 25 mm for improved visibility and increased ease of entry and exit. Thanks to their forward-folding design, the 60/40 split rear seats can be stowed to create a large, completely flat trunk floor.

Large, Comfortable Sport Seats
The sport seats of the Civic Si are designed to provide both support and comfort. The seats feature large side bolsters that hold occupants securely during spirited driving. Wide seat cushions (one inch wider than in the previous Civic Si) greatly improve overall comfort, while urethane cushions inside the seats helps to dampen road vibrations. The front buckets feature open headrests and a deep, wide seatback design.

Single Fold-Down 60/40 Rear Seats
The 60/40 split rear seats of the Civic Si are designed with a convenient single-action mechanism. The user need only pull a single release lever (one for each seat) and then pull the seat forward and down. Thanks to this user-friendly design, the rear seats can be folded from either a side door or by simply reaching through the rear hatch. Once folded down, the rear seats form a large, completely flat cargo floor.

Wide, Easy-Access Hatch
For maximum convenience and cargo-carrying flexibility, the Civic Si is designed with an especially wide, easy-access rear hatch. Maximum opening width is 1102 mm, (compared with 1035 mm for the Volkswagen Golf and 1055 mm for the Ford Focus), allowing for easy luggage storage.

A low lift-over height - just 715 mm - reduces the strain of lifting heavy items into the cargo area. With the rear seats and cargo shelf in place, two golf bags can be accommodated with ease. With the cargo shelf removed, two large Samsonite-type suitcases can be stored.

Slim Moonroof
Contributing to the excellent headroom of the Civic Si interior is an exceptionally slim and compact power moonroof design. By combining a thinner motor (6mm thinner than in the previous Civic Si) with a high-rigidity dome-shaped aluminum sunshade, Honda engineers have created one of the thinnest moonroofs on the market today. The moonroof in the Civic Si is just 50mm thick, compared with 75.8mm for the previous Civic model.

Audio System
The 2002 Civic Si is equipped with a premium AM/FM/CD audio system as standard. Features of this high-performance system include:

  • AM/FM stereo radio with clock
  • Compact-disc player integrated into dash unit
  • Powerful amplifier (30 watts x 4 channels)
  • Four advanced neodymium-magnet full-range speakers. In addition, the speakers' larger openings produce better sound reproduction
  • Two high-performance tweeters
  • Built-in fixed equalizer
  • Integrated micro roof antenna

Instrument Panel
The dash of the Civic Si is designed for serious driving. Highlights include:

  • Large, easy-to-read black-on-white analog gauges with luminous needles
  • CPU-controlled fuel meter to help ensure accuracy
  • Twin LCD trip odometers
  • Silver-accented center console

Heating/Air Conditioning System
The heating/air conditioning system has been designed to increase cooling speed and reduce interior noise. Helping to deliver improved system performance:

  • A newly designed fan, to reduce fan noise
  • A high-efficiency heat exchanger improving both cooling and heating performance
  • Energy-absorbing glass reduces heat transmission by 50 percent and UV transmission by 90 percent
  • An integrated micron air filter improves cabin-air quality. The filter is conveniently located behind the glovebox and can be easily changed by the owner without the need for tools

Interior Storage
The 2002 Civic Si is loaded with convenient and versatile interior storage areas. In the center console is a storage box that holds up to 10 CD jewel cases (when the console's integrated cup holders are being used, up to 5 jewel cases can be stowed). The front cup holders can accommodate two 20-ounce plastic bottles. Each door also includes a handy map pocket.

An accessory power socket in the center console is compatible with a wide range of cell-phone charging units.