Honda Passport -- Exterior

9/15/2000 10:36:35 PM

Passport's body has a sporty yet refined design, with styling cues that clearly identify it as a member of the Honda family. Starting with its greater length, height and width, the Passport has a substantial and purposeful presence. This look is enhanced by features like integrated flared wheelwells and character lines on the front/rear bumpers and sides. Its tight fitting body panels point to the cohesiveness of its design and the high level of assembly quality.

With its softer edges, seamless integration of body panels and near-flush-fitting glass all around, the new Passport also enjoys a marked increase in aerodynamic efficiency. Combined with its reinforced chassis and body; the benefit for consumers is a cabin virtually free of noise, vibration and harshness.

The Passport is constructed using a box-section ladder-type frame. The frame is an all-new, lightweight, highly rigid design that features sIx crossmembers for maximum strengrh and pay-load-carrying ability. Passport's body is reinforced as well, and features triple-sealed doors with side-impact beams for reduced wind noise and enhanced driver/passenger protection in side-impact collisions.

Passport's body and frame are fabricated using high-grade, double-coated galvanized steel. During vehicle assembly they undergo a multi-coat, multi-bake paint and corrosion-resistance process. Subsequently, wheelwell liners are installed to help protect the frame and body from flying debris and corrosive materials. Integrated flared wheelwells and splash guards help to further protect the body and paint from damage that can occur during off-road or in-town driving.

One factor that's often used to determine an SUV/4WD's capability as an off-roader is its minimum ground clearance, measured ftom the ground to the rear differential. An SUV/4WD with a higher ground clearance can be driven where a lower-to-the-ground vehicle cannot go without risking damage to its undercarriage. Passport EX (and 4WD LX Passport with the optional 16-inch wheel pack-age) has a high minimum ground clearance of 8.2 inches. The Passport 2WD LX has a 7.1-inch ground clearance, while the 4WD LX model with 15-inch wheels clears the ground by 7.9 inches.

Other attributes of Passport's off-road capability are its angles of approach and departure. These measurements provide a good indication of an SUV's ability to traverse from level surface to steep grade (or vice-versa) without damaging the body or undercarriage. Passport EX (and 4WD LX Passport with the optional 16-inch wheel package) has a 32.5* angle of approach and a 26.3* angle of departure. Passport 2WD LX has a 30.2* angle of approach and a 22.5* angle of departure. Passport 4WD LX with 15-inch wheels has a 3l.8* angle of approach and a 23.6* angle of departure.

Skid plates protect vital under-body components from being harmed by rocks, timber, flying debris or other potential sources of damage when the vehicle is taken off-road. All Passport models are equipped with protective skid plates under the radiator and fuel tank. 4WD models add another skid plate under the 2-speed transfer case.

Standard on all Passports are 2-speed/variable intermittent windshield wipers. The front wiper arms are semi-concealed so they dont detract from the vehicle's streamlined styling. The rear-hatch glass features a 2-speed wiper.

All Passport models come standard with heated dual power mirrors (body-colored on EX trim). While the mirror surfaces are large enough to help eliminate driver blind spots. the mirror housings have a compact, streamlined shape, which contributes to Passport's low aerodynamic drag. The mirrors can be folded back in order to help the vehicle fit into tight parking spaces, or to avoid being damaged in automatic car washes.

Able to conveniently hold recreation gear, the sturdy roof rack is constructed with two cross-bar members and four slats. Accessory ski/snowboard and bicycle attachments are available.

For increased ventilation and a generous overhead view; Passport EX models feature a power-operated moonroof that opens and closes at the touch of a button. The sliding moonroof also has a tilt-up feature for added versatility.

On EX models, standard fog lights are incorporated into the front bumper. Fog lights help provide illumination on poorly lit roads, or in off-road conditions when the elements can impair outward vision.

Standard on all Passports are tinted windows, which reduce glare, help minimize cabin heating and protect the interior from ultraviolet rays, which can cause fabrics to fade and age prematurely. Rear privacy glass (darkened on the rear side- and quarter-windows) is standard on EX models.

Passport's sleek new body design also features near-flush-fitting glass, which helps to minimize air turbulence and wind noise at highway speeds.

Passport 2WD LX comes standard with P215/75 R15 all--season/M+S (mud and snow) tires, mounted on 15-inch styled-steel wheels. Passport 4WD LX uses larger P235/75 R15 tires for better grip, along with lightweight 5-spoke, 15-inch alloy wheels. Passport EX models come with P245/70 R16 tires and 8-spoke, 16-inch alloy wheels. The 16-inch EX alloy wheels are also available on Passport 4WD LX as an option package.* Lightweight alloy wheels not only enhance a vehicle's appearance, but help its handling, ride and performance by reducing unsprung weight.

When equipped with electric trailer brakes and a load-distribution hitch. Passport has a towing capacity of 4500 pounds, easily more than the vehicle's own curb weight.

For better front/rear weight distribution. Passport's 21.1-gallon fuel tank is repositioned between the front and rear wheels. Also, the fuel filler door is relocated to the driver's side and is redesigned to be more compact and match the vehicle's streamlined look. A fuel filler cap holder on the inside of the door provides a convenient place to store the cap while refueling. Other fuel-system features include a steel skid plate under the fuel tank, protected fuel lines, and a large-capacity fuel filter.

Passport features a stainless-steel exhaust system, which offers maximum protection to the mufflers and tubing from both extemal and intemal corrosion. Automotive exhaust combined with water (a by-product of combustion) creates corrosive acids that can eat away the exhaust system from the inside. Stainless steel is resistant to this slow oxidation and will last longer than a standard exhaust system.

*4WD LX Optional 16-inch Wheel Package