Introduction of 2007 Honda and Acura Models Fulfils Industry-Leading 'Safety for Everyone' Initiative

8/27/2006 8:10:00 PM

Delivering on its commitment to safety, American Honda Motor Co., Inc., has steadily advanced the application of core safety features as standard equipment on its entire fleet of Honda* and Acura models, regardless of size or price. With the introduction of its 2007 model vehicles, the company will have fulfilled the commitment of its 'Safety for Everyone' initiative.

The completion is signaled by standard application of anti-lock brakes (ABS), driver and front passenger side airbags with front passenger Occupant Position Detection System (OPDS), and side curtain airbags to virtually all Honda and Acura passenger vehicles- from the subcompact Fit to the Ridgeline pickup truck - as well as Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) and rollover sensors for the side curtain airbags on all light trucks. On a sales weighted basis, more than 99 percent of all Acura and Honda vehicles to be sold as 2007 models will be equipped with ABS, side airbags and side curtain airbags.

For 2007, American Honda provides VSA as standard equipment on all Acura vehicles and all light truck models; including Acura's MDX and RDX, and Honda's CR-V, Element, Odyssey, Pilot and Ridgeline. With the addition of VSA to the 2007 Honda Element, the company has achieved its goal of 100-percent application of VSA to all light truck models. For 2007, VSA is also standard equipment on all V6-equipped Honda Accord models and on Si versions of the popular Civic - meaning that almost 60 percent of American Honda's total fleet has VSA as standard equipment.

In addition, the company will continue to expand the application of its unique Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) Body Structure for enhanced occupant protection in frontal collisions between vehicles of different sizes, with the goal of 100-percent U.S. application of ACE within the next 4-5 years. To date, the ACE Body Structure has been applied to six of the company's fourteen models, including the Odyssey minivan, Civic Sedan and Coupe, Acura RL, the all-new Acura RDX, 2007 Acura MDX and 2007 Honda CR-V.

In the area of vehicle compatibility, Honda has taken a proactive approach and is meeting, ahead of schedule, voluntary standards for geometric compatibility and is applying its ACE Body Structure to all new vehicle platforms.

2007 Acura Models
Vehicle ABS Front Side Airbags Side Curtain Airbags VSA

Pedestrian Safety Features

TSX x x x x x
TL x x x x x
RL x x x x x
MDX x x x x x
RDX x x x x x

2007 Honda Models
Vehicle ABS Front Side Airbags Side Curtain Airbags VSA Pedestrian Safety Features
S2000* x

Fit x x x
Civic x x x Si** x
Accord x x x V6*** x
CR-V x x x x x
Element x x x x x
Odyssey x x x x x
Pilot x x x x x
Ridgeline x x x x x

x = standard
* S2000, a specialty vehicle, is not part of the "Safety for Everyone" initiative
** Only Si models of 2007 Civic feature VSA as standard equipment
*** Only V6 Accord models feature VSA as standard equipment

Honda Safety Leadership

Honda has a well-established history of leadership in the development and application of advanced safety technologies and the real world safety performance of all its products. Based on its commitment to offering "Safety for Everyone" through technology and innovation, Honda is improving safety for drivers and passengers of small and large vehicles and for pedestrians.

Honda's research into airbag technology led to the first upwardly deploying front passenger airbags and the first use of front side airbags with occupant position detection sensors to reduce the risk of injuries caused by airbag deployment. Honda has also been a leader in the adoption of dual stage, dual threshold air bags that utilize both crash severity and seat belt use to optimize airbag deployment. Other pioneering efforts include the first vehicle (with standard safety equipment) to earn the federal government's top five-star crash safety rating for both frontal and side impacts (2000 Odyssey), the first small car to earn the federal government's top five-star crash safety rating for both frontal and side impacts (2001 Civic), the first four-door pickup to earn the federal government's top five-star rating for both frontal and side impacts (2006 Ridgeline), and the first small car to earn an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety "Top Safety Pick-Gold Award" rating (2006 Civic).

In addition, Honda has conducted extensive research in the area of pedestrian safety - including development of the world's most advanced pedestrian safety crash test dummy - and is applying a series of pedestrian safety features, such as collapsible wiper pivots and hood hinges, to virtually every model sold in the U.S.

Honda R&D operates two of the industry's most advanced safety research, development and testing facilities in Tochigi, Japan, and in Raymond, Ohio, and continues to research further advances in safety technology and design including intelligent vehicle systems and crash mitigation technologies.

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