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Honda Power Equipment markets a complete line of generators for commercial and consumer applications. Lightweight, compact Honda generators produce between 1,000 and 10,000 watts of power, providing smooth, dependable power for recreation, construction, rental, and emergency use.

All Honda generators are powered by advanced Honda four-stroke engines that make Honda generators among the world's quietest. Honda generators for typical residential use average 64-68 decibels (human speech is approximately 60 decibels) with the Super Quiet Series operating at noise levels as low as 49 decibels – roughly the noise level in a private office.

Product Line

Honda produces 18 models in four generator lines:


Primary Uses

Power Range


EP and EG Models/Residential and Commercial Use

4000W – 6500W


EM Models/Home Backup and General Purpose Applications

4000W – 6500W


EB Models/Construction and Rental Applications

2000W – 10000W

Super Quiet

EU Models/Portable Power Technology, Recreational and Home Backup

1000W – 7000W

Inverter Technology
Computers and sensitive electronic equipment require consistent electrical current that has a stable sine wave or signal. A computer not receiving this type of power could possibly freeze, shut down, or be interrupted.

To overcome this problem, Honda engineers developed a form of inverter technology, which also has allowed Honda to substantially reduce weight and noise. Using inverter technology, Honda engineers have integrated parts from the engine and generator set, such as the combination flywheel/alternator. This results in a more compact, lighter product that is purpose-built to produce reliable power. The Eco Throttle™ feature allows the generator to conserve fuel by varying engine rpm to the optimum level (given usage load), improving fuel economy up to 40 percent.

The Honda innovative inverter technology is available on a number of models. Honda Super Quiet Series generators — the EU1000i, EU2000i, EU3000is and the EU3000i Handi — are inverter-equipped, lightweight models that feature a totally enclosed body resulting in noticeably quieter performance. Designed for the ultimate in quality, portability and convenience, these models are ideal for any trip to the great outdoors. All of the Honda Super Quiet generators have ultra low noise, making any of the models, depending on power requirements, the ideal choices for home backup, public events, or any situation where quiet, reliable operation is critical.

The 1000 and 2000 watt models (at 28.6 pounds and 46.3 pounds respectively) can easily be carried and conveniently stored in small recreational vehicle compartments. The 1000 wattmodel is the perfect solution for scenarios where less power is required. The 2000watt model can power a computer, TV, coffee pot, or refrigerator. These units both feature a two-tiered noise dampening system that reduces noise to 59 dB (quieter than normal speech) at their rated loads. In 2013, Honda launched the new Camo EU2000imodel which boasts a unique Realtree® Camo exterior created especially to blend in with natural surroundings. The lightweight EU2000i Camo generator is both rugged and reliable and features a totally enclosed body that results in noticeably quieter performance to enhance the outdoor experience.

For a bit more power, the compact 3000 watt model provides the smallest, quietest generator capable of starting and running most modern 13,500 BTU recreational vehicle (RV) air conditioners as well as powering additional appliances in an RV. This model also doubles as a home back-up unit to selectively power a furnace, refrigerator, microwave, TV, hair dryer, and several lights.

The EU3000i Handi model adds increased portability to the fuel efficiency and reliability of Honda's existing EU3000is generator. The lightweight and extremely user-friendly EU3000i Handi provides customers with dependable, portable power for use at home or at remote recreational sites.

The EU3000i Handi also increases the breadth of the Honda EU generator Super Quiet Series lineup through enhancements in the areas of noise, size, usability and fuel consumption. Producing 3,000 volt amperes (VA) ― or watts ― of power, the EU3000i Handi meets a variety of power needs. The model's ample power output, exceptional fuel efficiency and super quiet operation make it well suited to provide limited home backup power during a blackout or other power emergency, while its easy operation and extreme portability suit it equally well for a campsite, RV camping and tailgating activities.

For the ultimate in quiet, Honda offers the all-new EU7000is in its Super Quiet line. Addressing customer demand for an even more powerful model — while still portable and exceptionally quiet — the lightweight, low noise, compact and fuel efficient EU7000is generator leads the Honda EU Super Quiet class in high quality, portable power technology. At a total dry weight of 262 pounds, the EU7000is model produces 7,000 watts of continuous power at a quiet 60 dB, roughly the same as normal speech. Ideal for a host of commercial and residential applications, the Honda EU7000is also incorporates the company's first application of electronic fuel injection into its design, resulting in greater fuel efficiency, extremely easy starting without the need for a choke, and longer operating times than the EU6500is model it replaces. Electronic fuel injection also allows for longer-term fuel storage without having to drain the carburetor or perform other related maintenance. What's more, the all-new generator incorporates a convenient one-touch, push button electric start switch.

Honda also incorporates inverter technology into its EM5000isAB Deluxe Series generator. Featuring the i-Monitor™ that provides information on hours of operation, wattage, battery voltage and engine speed as well as diagnostics for convenient dealer servicing, the EM5000is model offers the advantage of quieter operation while providing reliable, stable power.

The all-new Honda EB2000i Industrial Series generatorisa2000 watt portable model also equipped with inverter technology. Based on the extremely popular consumer EU2000i generator model, the new EB2000i maintains key attributes of the EU series unit while adding new design enhancements, such as a 120V/20A GFCI receptacle, providing greater flexibility for use at work sites.

Honda CycloConverter™ Technology
Honda CycloConverter™ generator models offer power that is equal in quality to automatic voltage regulator (AVR) generators but dramatically lighter in weight than other units producing the same amount of power. This lighter weight is achieved by reducing the number of traditional parts with a central processing unit (CPU) that conditions the raw power produced by the generator and eliminates the need for a bulky alternator. Honda CycloConverter™ technology offers the best pound-per-watt ratio available anywhere.

This technology is used on Honda's EB3000c Industrial Series model, which is intended for commercial and home uses and for residential standby power.

Advanced Power Solutions for Commercial and Rental Applications
The Honda EB2000igenerator, an all-new 2000 watt portable generator equipped with features vital to the industrial and construction generator market, offers inverter power with a rated maximum output of 1,600/2,000 watts with the Honda fuel-efficient Eco-Throttle™. The Eco Throttle™ feature allows the generator to conserve fuel by varying engine rpm to produce only the power required to operate the equipment, improving fuel economy up to 40 percent. The EB2000i can operate from four to nine hours without the need for refueling, allowing the potential for working all day without interruption.

The EB3000c, which features CycloConverter™ technology, is typical of Honda's offerings for this market. Weighing only 71 lbs., it produces 2,600 watts of continuous power (rated)/3,000 watts (maximum) and will run for 9.39 hours at half load on a single tank of fuel. In addition to AC power from the CycloConverter™, this unit offers 12V DC at 12 amperes (A) (or 144 watts) for automotive-type battery charging.

The EB3000c, like all Honda generators, is powered by an advanced four-stroke engine — in this case the Honda GX200 overhead valve (OHV) commercial grade unit — that produces quiet power. Many Honda industrial generators are housed in tubular steel frames to minimize damage from transport or use.

Within the Honda Industrial Series generators category are four other EB models: the EB4000, EB5000, EB6500, and the all-new EB10000. Powered by Honda GX Series commercial grade OHV engines, and available in 4,000, 5,000, and 6,500 wattage output, the EB4000, EB5000, and EB6500 generators offer premium features and benefits at outstanding value.

The EB10000 model is the most powerful Honda generator and the company's flagship model. With a maximum output of 10,000 watts, the rugged Honda EB10000 generator is compact, lightweight and features a narrow-shaped design; a centralized exhaust mechanism; a newly developed alternator; and the best fuel efficiency and lowest noise in its class. The Industrial Series model is well suited for industrial and commercial applications, including construction-related job site work. The EB10000 also is an ideal fit for the rental market, where users demand the most reliable power for a variety of applications. The EB10000 is powered by the Honda GX630 V-Twin Engine, one that offers customers more power, adaptability, greater fuel economy and reduced emissions in a more compact package.

The entire Industrial Series incorporates a number of advanced design features, including Digital Automatic Voltage Regulator (DAVR) technology for increased performance. The DAVR holds the voltage stable within one percent over time during standard operation and has a built-in self-diagnosis function to prevent engine speed from exceeding 4,140 rpm for longer than three seconds and abnormal voltage. In addition, the DAVR adjustments are driven off the main winding, as compared to a sensor winding in conventional AVR systems.

Other Residential and Commercial Lines
In addition to its Industrial and Super Quiet models, Honda also manufactures four models in its Economy Series and four units in its Deluxe Series.

The Economy Series: A Closer Look
The Economy Series includes the EG4000, EG5000, and EG6500 models – all reliable sources of no-frills power for home backup.

The Economy Series models incorporate a number of advanced design features, including Digital Automatic Voltage Regulator (DAVR) technology for increased performance (see above explanation).

The EG4000 features the GX270 engine for increased power and versatility with greater fuel economy in the same envelope. It boasts a run time up to 9.4 hours at the rated load and a dB rating of 72. The EG5000, powered by the GX390 engine, has a run time of 7.5 hours under a rated load, and a dB rating of 73. The EG6500, equipped with the GX390 engine, boasts a run time of 7.1 hours and has a dB rating of 74. These models also are ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI)-protected to meet OSHA jobsite regulations and offer longer run times, additional outlets for convenient use, and stronger, more durable frames. And, like all Honda generators, these models are equipped with circuit breakers for operator and equipment protection and USDA-qualified spark arrestor/mufflers for fire prevention.

The Deluxe Series: A Closer Look
Designed to enhance Honda's already strong value proposition is the Deluxe Series – ideal for convenient, reliable backup power during outages and brownouts. The EM4000, EM5000, and EM6500 generator models are available in 4,000, 5,000, and 6,500-watt sizes. These models feature electric start, remote start capability and exceptionally long run times on one tank of fuel. Also of important note is the i-Deluxe® inverter model – the EM5000is – an existing model that features inverter technology and electric start capability.

The EM models include the exclusive iAVR Power feature that enhances generator performance and power output. iAVR is a Honda Generator exclusive system that realizes a 50 percent reduction in voltage fluctuation over current AVR systems. For up to 10 seconds, the iAVR allows for increased wattage above the maximum rating to start high-amp load applications. Each model provides a different level of additional power output: the EM4000 will produce an additional 1000 watts for up to 10 seconds, the EM5000 will produce an additional 2000 watts for as much as 10 seconds and the EM6500 will produce an additional 500 watts for as long as 10 seconds.

A combination of factors creates the additional iAVR power in the EM generator line. They include the iGX Honda engine with Digital Capacitive Discharge Ignition (DCDI), Self-Tuning Regulator (STR) governor, and Current Transformer (CT) sensor coupled with the Digital Auto Voltage Regulator (DAVR) alternator.

Each EM unit is powered by a Honda iGX engine. The engine idle speed of each model is set to 2,300 rpm in the auto throttle on position with a maximum idle speed of 3,600 rpm.

To meet the evaporative regulations, all of the models have a fluorine fuel tube and canister system along with a tethered chain-type gas cap. The models carry the Honda industry-competitive three year warranty.

Editor's Note:

Honda Power Equipment, a division of American Honda Motor Co., Inc., markets a complete range of outdoor power equipment, including outboard marine engines, general purpose engines, generators, lawn mowers, pumps, snow blowers, tillers and trimmers for commercial, rental and residential applications. Its comprehensive product line is powered exclusively by 4-stroke engines.

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