Students' Vision of Future of Robotics Could Earn Visit From Honda's ASIMO

Honda's Nationwide Contest Open to Students, School Organizations

10/10/2016 6:59:00 PM

Honda engineers work every day to find new and innovative ways to use robotics to help society.

But innovative ideas can come from anywhere, and now middle- and high-school students in the United States will have an opportunity to showcase their own ideas regarding the future of robotics.  And if the idea is good enough, they will receive a visit from the world's most advanced humanoid robot – ASIMO.

Honda is asking students and organizations with members ages 13-18 to use short video, photos or essays to answer the question: How will robotics affect our world by the year 2066? 

Entries will be judged by a panel of robotics professionals at Honda and the winning entry will receive a demonstration of Honda's robotics products at their school or suitable venue in their community – including an appearance by ASIMO.

"One of the most important things that Honda can achieve with its robotics program is to inspire young people to dream big, and to think deeply about what is possible," said Assistant Vice President North American Corporate Communications Honda North America, Inc. Jeffrey Smith. "This contest will result in many great ideas and visions for the future and we look forward to seeing what the next generation of innovators will come up with."

For more details on the contest or to submit an entry, go to Honda's CSR website (


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