Honda Adds 360 Look at ASIMO Robot's Technology Online

2/11/2009 11:50:00 AM

Honda today added a new feature to to give visitors a 360 degree view of the technology behind its ASIMO humanoid robot at ASIMO's form, function, movement and intelligence are detailed in the new Web site module which uses a 3D computer-generated model of the robot to provide visitors with a more informative and interactive look at ASIMO's capabilities and how it operates.


ASIMO, which stands for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility, is being developed to help people and someday assist the elderly and disabled in their homes. But while Honda continues to develop and enhance ASIMO's capabilities, the robot is being used today to encourage and inspire young students to consider studies in math and science. Honda engineers began developing a humanoid robot in 1986 with the dream of creating a new dimension in mobility. By having a robot provide assistance to people, they envisioned that this could enable those people to be more mobile to pursue other activities. After years of research and development, they created an advanced humanoid robot able to function in real-world environments. ASIMO continues to be a popular part of Disneyland's Innoventions attraction where the live 15-minute Say 'Hello' to Honda's ASIMO demonstration take places several times daily in the Honda ASIMO Theatre.

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