Honda Associates Lining Up for 'World's Cleanest' Car

3/27/2000 6:23:00 AM

Fifty American Honda Associates in Torrance, Calif., are doing their share to help the environment just by driving to work every day.

American Honda associates are always looking for ways to positively contribute to their environment, this time it's in their commute to work.

The Honda associates were the first to take advantage of a new two-year lease program on the Civic GX. The lease program immediately drew a great deal of interest because it offered associates the use of a dedicated natural gas Civic, free fuel from Honda's natural gas refueling station and the option to purchase the GX at the end of the first or second year.

"Many Honda associates want to do more for the environment than recycle," said Stephen Ellis, manager of natural gas vehicle sales and marketing. "The Civic GX lease program allows them to do it easily and conveniently by driving the world's cleanest internal-combustion car."

"I love my Civic GX! I like the fact that it doesn't pollute," said Catherine Carey, manager of the American Honda Foundation.

She drives a four-passenger carpool more than 85 miles every day.

"It's a clean vehicle and to me, that was the real draw."

Ira Yawnick, senior systems specialist, human resources systems applications at American Honda, commutes 50 miles to work each day and wanted the Civic GX since 1998 when it was introduced.

"I like the fact the GX is every bit as powerful as a car with a gasoline engine while at the same time producing fewer emissions," said Yawnick.

In addition to the environmental and economic benefits of leasing the Civic GX, Honda associates will soon be able to save time when traveling in California, thanks to a new state law which allows drivers of dedicated-natural gas vehicles to use car pool lanes without a passenger. The law will be implemented July 1, 2000 and will also apply to electric vehicles.

The Ohio-assembled Civic GX has been tested by the Environmental Protection Agency as having the cleanest internal combustion engine ever. It is primarily targeted to government and private fleets who need to meet alternative-fuel vehicle mandates and need to reduce pollution.

American Honda associates Ira Yawnick and Catherine Carey enjoy being a part of the Civic GX lease program.