Honda Joins Fuel Cell Partnership

12/27/1999 6:22:00 AM

American Honda Motor, Co. Inc. has joined the California Fuel Cell Partnership.

The partnership was established in April 1999 to demonstrate the potential of fuel cell technology, identify issues regarding potential fuels and fueling infrastructure, and to increase public awareness of fuel cell technology. Honda joins auto manufacturers DaimlerChrysler, Ford Motor Company and Volkswagen; energy providers ARCO, Shell and Texaco; fuel cell maker Ballard Power Systems and the State of California (California Air Resources Board and the California Energy Commission) in the quest to further develop fuel cell technologies.

"The fuel cell vehicle has great potential for years to come and the Partnership shares a common goal of seeing that potential become reality," said Ben Knight, vice president of Honda Research and Development, Americas. "The partnership will play a key role in educating the public on fuel cells and in helping to identify and develop the infrastructure to support fuel cell vehicles."

Honda plans to make a fuel cell vehicle available by the year 2003 and is currently developing both hydrogen-fueled and methanol-fueled prototype models.

Honda's fuel cell concept car, FCX. Honda plans to have a fuel cell vehicle available by the year 2003.