Honda Expands Low Emission Vehicle Production for '00

Every Accord Meets or Exceeds LEV Standard

9/27/1999 6:22:00 AM

Chances are, if you purchase a Honda in the 2000 model year, you'll be buying a vehicle equipped with advanced low emission technology. More than 85 percent of Honda vehicles to be sold in the U.S. this year will meet or exceed California's Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) standard. Production of low emission vehicles will increase by 150,000 bringing the total number of vehicles to about 800,000.

And if you buy an Accord -- America's best-selling car to individual consumers -- you're guaranteed to get an LEV. Every 2000 Honda Accord sold nationwide will be certified as an LEV or better.

"For Honda, the commitment to environmental responsibility is more than a passing concern," said Tom Elliot, executive vice president of American Honda. "Honda is the only automaker to offer low emission vehicles across such a great range and proportion of its product line."

America's best-selling compact car, the Honda Civic, offers low-emission technology on every model except the high-fuel economy Civic HX and the high-performance Civic Si Coupe.

The newest models in the Honda lineup also feature low emissions. The high-performance S2000 roadster, which goes on sale in September, not only delivers 240-horsepower, it also qualifies as a LEV. And in December, when the Honda Insight arrives, it will not only achieve breakthrough fuel economy from a mass-produced, gasoline-powered vehicle, but it will also be certified as an Ultra Low Emission Vehicle.

Honda's highly acclaimed Odyssey minivan meets California's LEV standard for light trucks. In addition, the Honda Passport sport utility vehicle with automatic transmission meets California light truck LEV standards.

Every 2000 Honda Accord sold nationwide will be LEV certified or better.