Honda Debuts New Hyper VTEC System on CB400 Sport Bike

3/27/1999 6:22:00 AM

Honda introduced a new VTEC (Variable Valve-Timing and Lift Electronic Control) engine system for its Super Four CB400 sport bike, resulting in cleaner operation and higher fuel efficiency. In Honda tests, Hyper VTEC engines produced lower emissions and higher output, with fuel efficiency improved by about 6.5%.

In the same way that electronic controls allow far more precise engine operation, the Hyper VTEC system improves the mechanical operation of the engine. On-board computers monitor and select a precise air/fuel ratio and timing, and the Hyper VTEC system provides similar flexibility in the mechanical operation of the engine, assisting in a reduction of emissions.

The new VTEC system will appear first on the Japanese market CB400 Super Four, a showcase for leading-edge Honda technology.

The Hyper VTEC system, to appear first on the Honda Super Four CB400, offers improvements in fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.