Takahiro Hachigo

President & CEO

1/23/2016 7:29:00 PM

Takahiro Hachigo is the President, CEO and representative director of Honda Motor Co., Ltd., assuming these positions in June 2015.

Prior to becoming Honda's global president & CEO, Mr. Hachigo served as a Managing Officer from April 1, 2014 to June 2015.  From June 2008 to April 2014, he served as an Operating Officer of Honda Motor Co.

Mr. Hachigo joined Honda in 1982, and began his career at Honda R&D Co., Ltd. in its automobile R&D operations, principally as an engineer in the area of chassis design. He helped lead development of the 1999 Odyssey minivan, which was Honda's first full-size Odyssey minivan and a product that was launched into production globally in North America. He then assumed responsibilities as the development leader of the second generation 2001 CR-V, effectively doubling annual sales of the CR-V in the U.S. for the worldwide markets.

From April 2004 to March 2006, Mr. Hachigo served as a senior vice president of Honda R&D Americas, Inc. in the U.S., where he was actively involved in the local development of Honda and Acura automobiles. He returned to Japan in April 2006, becoming an operating officer of Honda R&D Co., Ltd. promoted to managing officer in April 2007.

Mr. Hachigo moved to the Purchasing Operations of Honda Motor Co. in April 2010 as general manager of Automobile Purchasing Division 2. Then, in April 2011, Mr. Hachigo moved to the manufacturing area as general manager of Honda's Suzuka Factory.

Then, Mr. Hachigo moved to the U.K., where he served as vice president and director of Honda Motor Europe Ltd. from April 2012 to March 2013 and also as President of Honda R&D Europe (U.K.) Ltd., from September 2012 to March 2013.

In April 2013, he moved to a different Honda regional operation, in China, becoming vice president of Honda Motor (China) Investment Co., Ltd. While in this role, Mr. Hachigo also served as Representative of Development, Purchasing and Production (China) for Honda Motor Co., and, from Nov. 2013, as vice president of Honda Motor Technology (China) Co., Ltd., Honda's R&D joint venture company in China.

In April 2015, Mr. Hachigo returned to Japan as a senior managing officer of Honda Motor Co. He assumed leadership as president, CEO and representative director in June 2015.

Mr. Hachigo was born on May 19, 1959.