Acura Leads the Way With its In-Dash Navigation System

Debuting in the Midwest for '98

4/29/1997 8:48:09 PM

TORRANCE, Calif., (Oct. 6, 1997) - Furthering its reputation as a technological leader in the automotive industry, Acura this year unveils its innovative, first-of-its kind, in-dash navigation system to new markets in the Midwest. Available in Acura's 3.5RL luxury flagship sedan, the Navigation System currently offers digitized mapping of the East Coast, from Maine to Florida, as well as California.

Providing Acura RL owners with an accurate and convenient tool for planning trips, the navigation system offers drivers on-screen guidance to their destinations and includes a database of landmarks, tourist attractions and more.

"Feedback we've received from 3.5RL owners who use the Navigation System indicates that this is more than just a tool for finding your way," said Rich Thomas, Acura's executive vice president and general manager. "Many owners are discovering the versatility of the system and recognizing its use not only as a directional guide, but also its function as a restaurant guide, yellow pages and more."

The system, uses a combination of the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites, electro-gyros and sophisticated state-of-the-art software to map out the best route to a destination and to tell drivers their exact location at all times.

The Acura Navigation System not only provides extraordinary route guidance for drivers but also features built-in, detailed maps, and a convenient directory for information and routing to those hard-to-find downtown restaurants, art galleries, shops, ATMs and other points of interest.

Powered by a 32-bit microprocessor, the Acura Navigation System can be programmed by simply touching the 6-inch, color LCD screen or by pushing the buttons on the control panel. The panel is mounted high in the center console of the vehicle and is within easy reach of the driver or front-seat passenger.

Drivers can receive digitized mapping to their destination by entering the specific address or closest intersection or they can manually identify a position on the screen display. The system then provides audio and visual instructions to get to the destination, including when to make turns, the distance remaining to the destination, and detailed, color maps of the area. If the driver happens to miss a turn, or decides to take a detour off the calculated route, the system automatically re-calculates the route and continues to lead the driver to the intended destination.

Acura RL owners that have the Navigation System can have the information database in their system easily updated at Acura dealerships, ensuring their units have the most current road and directory information. The retail cost of the Navigation System as an option on the 3.5RL is $2,000.