FCX-V3 Now Powered with New Honda Fuel Cell

3/11/2001 10:57:00 PM

Honda FCX-V3 fuel cell vehicle outfitted with a new Honda-designed fuel cell stack has joined the fleet of vehicles taking part in the California Fuel Cell Partnership's (CaFCP) public highway demonstration program.

Some versions of the Honda FCX are powered with fuel stacks developed by Ballard Power Systems, Inc. The on-road evaluation of the latest FCX-V3 hydrogen-fueled prototype will help conform the performance and dependability of Honda's own fuel stack design.

"Honda believes the fuel cell offers tremendous potential as a high efficiency automotive powerplant," said Ben Knight, vice president of Honda Research and Development and the company's CaFCP representative. "We will continue to pursue the development with fuel stacks of Honda's own design and others."

The CaFCP is based in Sacramento, Calif., and is a joint-participation project that includes the California and federal government agencies, energy companies, auto manufacturers and fuel cell stack manufacturers. The goal of the project is to work cooperatively to lay a foundation for future fuel cell commercialization. This includes the advancement of fuel cell technology, developing fueling and infrastructure approaches, and educating the public about the benefits of fuel cells.

A Honda FCX-V3 equipped with a new Honda-designed fuel cell stack is currently participating in the California Fuel Cell Partnership's public freeway demonstration program.