Spotlight on the Civic HX: Honda's

6/11/2001 9:35:00 PM

The 2001 Honda Civic HX Coupe, the mileage leader in the fuel-efficient Civic family, is making a name for itself as the latest award recipient of ACEEE's "Greenest Vehicles" and IntelliChoice's "Best Overall Value" honors for 2001.

The Civic HX Coupe was the top-ranked vehicle with a conventional gasoline internal combustion engine in ACEEE's (American Council for Energy-Efficient Economy) Green Book: The Environmental Guide to Cars and Trucks, Model Year 2001, being named one of the "Greenest Vehicles of 2001." Scoring is based on official emissions, fuel-economy tests and other specifications reported by auto manufacturers.

The 2001 Civic HX Coupe was also selected from more than 800 2001 model-year domestic and import vehicles, and named the "Best Car Value under $22,500" by IntelliChoice, one of the most respected automotive information providers in the United States. The IntelliChoice award recognizes those models that are the best value in their class. IntelliChoice ranked the Civic HX top in its price class for cost of insurance, depreciation, maintenance, repair, fuel, state fees and financing to calculate the value of the vehicle.

For 2001, the Honda Civic HX Coupe has earned two spots on the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Top 10 fuel efficiency list for both its CVT and 5-speed models. With an EPA mileage rating for the CVT model at 35 city/40 highway and the five-speed at 36 city/44 highway, the Civic HX leads the way in a family of Civics that are currently the leader for fuel efficiency in their class.

The 2001 Civic HX Coupe has earned many accolades for its remarkable fuel economy and value