CART Spacer Issue Ruling Affirms Honda's Position - 2001

7/3/2001 9:54:02 PM

Honda is pleased there has been a satisfactory ruling on the spacer issue by the CART appointed Appeals Panel and looks forward to its removal at the Toronto race. This decision reverses a flawed implementation process and affirms that the legality of the Honda engine was not an issue.

"We look forward to working together with CART and the other engine manufacturers to find a long term mutually agreed upon method to monitor the boost of turbo charged race engines," said Robert Clarke, General Manager, Honda Performance Development. "Because racing is a high profile sport, rules disputes can occasionally be expected. We are encouraged that the CART Appeals process works and it gives all parties a method to resolve such issues. We look forward to putting this issue behind us and concentrating on what we do best: putting on the world's most competitive racing series for our fans worldwide."

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