Honda Purchases Interest in FuelMaker, Manufacturer of Natural Gas Systems

12/27/2000 6:23:26 AM

Honda bought a 20 percent stake in FuelMaker Corporation, a privately held Canadian maker of refueling appliances for natural gas vehicles, with an eye to making life easier for owners of the Civic GX natural gas-powered car.

Honda R&D Americas also will provide market research information to assist FuelMaker's efforts in developing an inexpensive, advanced technology, home refueling appliance for natural gas vehicles. This new product will allow refueling of natural gas powered vehicles to be done conveniently from home, supplementing public refueling stations.

"The biggest challenge the industry faces is developing an infrastructure that provides customers with improved access," said Tom Elliott, executive vice president of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. "Our research and marketing experience with the Civic GX indicates consumers like the idea of being able to refuel their car at home."

FuelMaker Corporation is an environmental technology company providing infrastructure solutions for both the natural gas and hydrogen/fuel cell fueling industries. Founded in 1989, FuelMaker has built a base business to satisfy the gaseous fueling needs of industrial and consumer markets. The combination of extensive R&D, a manufacturing and quality focus, and 8,000 FuelMaker Vehicle Refueling Appliances (VRAs) in operation for both natural gas and hydrogen has resulted in technology and a product line that is recognized around the world as extremely reliable and state of the art.

Currently, natural gas powered vehicles are primarily purchased by corporate and government fleets that allow alternative fuel vehicles to meet Energy Policy Act goals. Some of these organizations typically maintain their own refueling facilities.