Honda Insight First to Achieve 70-mpg EPA Rating

12/27/1999 6:22:53 AM

The 2000 Honda Insight has been rated at 61 miles per gallon city, 70 mpg highway in EPA fuel economy label tests, making it the first gasoline-powered vehicle in history to break the 70-mpg barrier.

The Insight tops this year's list of fuel economy leaders, and continues a Honda tradition dating back to the first EPA fuel economy ratings in 1977. Every year since then, Honda cars have been among the EPA's Top Ten fuel economy leaders. Honda has also put on the road the first mass-produced four-cylinder car to break the 50-mpg barrier -- the 1986 CRX-HF -- and the first automatic transmission vehicle to make the Top Ten list -- the 1996 Civic HX Coupe.