Civic GX Used in Los Angeles Parking Enforcement

9/27/1999 6:22:00 AM

The clean-burning natural-gas powered Honda Civic GX wears many different hats, from rental cars to taxicabs. Now, 39 Civic GXs are working as parking enforcement vehicles for the City of Los Angeles.

"We needed to find a dedicated compressed natural-gas vehicle that would be easy to maneuver through city streets, and the Civic GX best fit these qualifications," said Manuel Longoria, mechanical engineer for the City of Los Angeles fleet vehicles.

The vehicles were purchased with the help of grants from the Environmental Affairs Department and the city of Los Angeles. The Civic GX is the world's cleanest combustion-engine vehicle and provides air quality benefits for the residents of the L.A. area. The city is already making plans for the purchase of additional Civic GX vehicles to use in parking enforcement next year.

According to Jeff Shirley, fleet coordinator for the city of Los Angeles, Department of Transportation, "The parking enforcement officers prefer driving the Civic GX because the cars are comfortable and they aren't polluting when they are ticketing!"

Yolanda Barnes, traffic officer for the city of Los Angeles, with her natural gas-powered Honda Civic GX.