Honda's S2000 Roadster Adds Removeable Hardtop

2/26/2001 4:22:00 AM

The joys of driving the Honda S2000 roadster include feeling the wind in your hair and hearing the roaring sound of the engine. But when bad weather sets in, the S2000 is still a fun car to drive.

To make that bad weather driving experience a little more comfortable, Honda is responding to consumer demand for the 2001 S2000 model and is offering an optional removable hardtop. The lightweight, aluminum hardtop can be retrofitted for current S2000 owners. Manufactured in the same facility as the S2000, the hardtop is scheduled for release on January 15, 2001.

New standard equipment includes floor mats, and anti-entrapment trunk release, aero windscreen and a clock.

Powered by a 16-valve, DOHC VTEC 4-cylinder engine, the S2000 roadster boasts 240 horsepower -- 120 horsepower per liter and meets California's stringent low-emission vehicle (LEV) standards. Inspired by Honda's racing accomplishments from Formula One, CART and motorcycle racing, the rear wheel drive sports car accelerates from 0-60 in less than six seconds.

The S2000's world-class agility and excellent road manners are derived from its optimum 50/50 weight distribution, racing-inspired in-wheel double wishbone suspension and highly rigid body structure.

Designed to resemble a Formula One race car, the interior achieves the ultimate expression of a driver's based cockpit. From the inside, the seats are contoured to provide additional lateral support. A four-way adjustable driver's seat allows for maximum comfort. Controls including radio and climate are positioned within easy reach of the driver's fingertips. The race-car type digital instrument panel displays information in a clear, easy-to-ready format while the large, sweeping tachometer easily displays revolutions routinely reaching over 9,000 RPM. The aluminum shift knob and separate engine-start button further exemplify Honda's racing heritage.

The S2000's angular, chiseled features give the roadster a form as distinctive as its performance. For 2001, a brilliant new "Spa Yellow" exterior color will join Grand Prix White, New Formula Red, Silverstone Metallic and Berlina Black.

Last year in its first year on the market, the S2000 roadster earned widespread acclaim from the public and press alike. S2000 awards included:

  • Car and Driver "10 Best"
  • Popular Science "Best of What's New Award"
  • American Woman Motorscene "Most Wanted"
  • Motor Week's Drivers Choice (TV) "Best Performance Car"
  • Ward's Auto World "Best Engines of 2000"

For 2001, the S2000 has already been named again to Car and Driver's "10 Best" list.