2000 Acura Models 'What's New' At-A-Glance

9/25/1999 8:46:11 PM

3.5RL Luxury Flagship Sedan
As Acura's premium performance sedan, the 3.5RL provides new technological safety enhancements in a highly refined package.

  • Standard Acura Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) system enhances driver control.
  • Improved DVD-based Acura Navigation System with a large 7-inch screen is the sole factory option.
  • Reduced emissions to meet Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) standards.

3.2TL Performance Luxury Sedan
The 3.2TL offers improved levels of performance and luxury, once again, setting new standards in its segment.

  • 5-speed SportShift sequential automatic transmission for quicker acceleration and improved fuel economy.
  • New intake manifold, larger intake and exhaust valves and revised camshafts increase low and mid-range power.
  • Standard dual-stage driver and passenger front air bags supplement passenger safety.
  • Acura exclusive driver and passenger advanced side air bags featured as standard equipment, including seven sensors in passenger seat to monitor occupants position.
  • Improved DVD-based Acura Navigation System is the only factory option.
  • Reduced emissions to meet LEV standards.

Integra Sports Coupe and Sports Sedan
The stylish Integra draws on its racing heritage to deliver exhilarating levels of performance resulting in one of the most compelling and popular driver's car on the road today.

  • Integra Type R high-performance model returns for 2000.
  • Standard vehicle immobilizer anti-theft system for added security.
  • 100,000 mile tune up intervals on all Intergra models.
  • Reduced emissions to meet strict TLEV (Transitional Low Emission Vehicle) standards on LS, GS and GS-R models.
  • An On-board Vapor Recovery System has been added, one year earlier than required by regulation.
  • Optional 4-speed automatic transmission on LS and GS feature improved, smoother shift quality.

NSX Exotic Sports Car
The NSX is Acura's ultimate sports car, achieving the optimum balance of world-class performance, styling and prestige with surpassed levels of refinement, driveability and reliability.

  • Refined 6 speed manual transmission with smoother shift feel.
  • Perforated leather applied to seats, door panels, steering wheel and hand brake for a sportier look and improved seat ventilation.
  • Reduced emissions to meet LEV standards.